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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Rajunah, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Rajunah

    Rajunah Green Slime

    1: Could be possible to show the exp that you gain when killing mobs, or leave the player to select that in the options menu.

    2: The thing that i always like in RPGs are the possibilities of making the char you play the way you want in the system you play. I mean, when playing with dices and friends, normally you have that, and some games just ignore that.

    ex: D3.....i can't choose the way i want to develop the char its already determined by the game, one can only choose skills and runes (wont even mention paragon system...not a big fan, it seems that thuey tried to correct the wrong system with that). The good example i thing would be path of exile skill tree, i like the build my char the way i want....

    In Grindea, we will probably be able to build the chars choosing and spending the point in the skills (that should be huge i think). But i cant stop thinking...instead of just choosing skills, could the player choose how the base status will upgrade when he level up? i think would be nice, i would enjoy even more, but would need to rebalanced others things with that.

    Anyway, Great game.

    PS: sry about my eng, not may main.

  2. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    It would probably break the game, as pure builds would just steamroll, and any nerf or buff to stat builds would cause people to have to respec a lot (not sure how that's gonna go down when they remove "/respec")
  3. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    I support that. You can be pretty strong right now when you focus on special builds with equipment and skills. Giving the player power over more options seems a little overkill.
    Additional i don't tink that there is much that you could do. I mean what is leveling now? HP, ATK and MATK... that's it or am i misssing something? So the system isn't made for personal leveling Diablo2 style. You wouldn't even get that much out of it when you think of it as Life and Strength(both falls under this) so there isn't much th<t would justify that kind of D2 System.
  4. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    I think that the runes for skills in D3 on the current skills would be cool. Say Smash! would be have options to choose between: two fast strikes that knock the enemies back just a little bit or having the skill as it is right now as the second option. Options are fun and the skill system in SoG would be amazing if it was just as crazy as Path of Exile. :p
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  5. Rajunah

    Rajunah Green Slime

    I don't think that would break the game, would be necessary to review a lot of stuff, as monsters status and so.... But would be crazy if we had a very big skill tree with a lot of options....Path of Exile is a good example for a big skill tree (just the skill tree, there is a lot of things that i dislike in PoE)....
  6. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    Renamed the thread.
  7. Jyntax

    Jyntax Green Slime

    First of all I'd like to mention that Path of Exiles Skilltree is just a Passiv-Skilltree and not a direct Skilltree. So you can't really compare an Active-Skilltree with an Passiv-Skilltree.

    Second thing I'd like to say is that I always like different Types of Skills with even more and more Options to choose from. But you always need to think about the point that it's far more to balance then. If every Meele Skill would get like 2 Runes now, we'd have got 5 Skills +2 Options. So we got actually 15 Options per Weapon then.

    Next thing would be that those 2 Runes would need to be balanced. Like one doesn't increase the DMG but gives some CC and the other one increases the DMG or CritChance on that Skill.

    If I think about Shadow Clone... No matter what kind of a Rune would come up there... the Skill would be more Op then it already is. I mean you are a powerhorse with it and a well upgraded Haste Spell + Crit and Attackspeed Equip.

    In the End I'd say, let them first of all build up the other Skills and maybe later in the Game there will be a way to upgrade Skills even further. ^^

    About the Level Up Stats. I'd be fine with a System for it like 3 Statpoints to increase either Attackspeed/Castspeed, Critrate/CritDMG and maybe anything else like Defense/Attack/MAttack/HP/MP. ("/" = "or" not "&" just to mention it. ^^)
  8. Rajunah

    Rajunah Green Slime

    I know PoE (Path of Exile) has a passive skill tree and in here we are going to have a active skill tree, that i think would be better then D3 because you can choose whatever you want, hence its not determined by each char...

    I personally like to have the possibilities too build the char with many possibles options available. Thats why i mention PoE, because it gives you that, or at least, you think you have that kind of multiple choices. But definitely i don't want to import anything for that game, but like the idea of multiple choices... this could be done here? i think it could.

    Status per Lv is one thing that i really love in RPG games. We have the example of a lot of great games that were made like that.... One of the best of then, in my opinion, is Baldur's Gate series. Every game based on RPGs played with pen and paper, try to give the player more choices, like we have when playing with friends.
    Thats why i like to to gain some points and make the char the way i want it. Maybe its just me being silly, but when i spread the Status points i became more attached with the char.

    PS: once again, sry about my poor Eng, not my main, and just for the record i don't play tabletop RPGs anymore for at least 10 years.

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