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    Hello everyone,

    I know there is already a German Team translating Secrets of Grindea and I could join them too, but I actually want to translated in another way then they do. I have my own way in translating stuff and I might also like another way of phrasing. That's why I want to start my very own translation of this game. I still wish the German Team good luck with their Translation. ^^

    Current Status (20th May 2014):

    Misc: 735 / 1258
    Items: 406 / 406
    Enemies: 68/ 111
    Spells: 7 / 190
    Menus: 102 / 267
    Notices And Tips: 70 / 70
    Quests: 0 / 132
    NPCNames: 82/ 82

    Dialogs: 1 / 428
    PillarMountains: 0 / 60
    EvergrindFields: 0 / 28
    FlyingTemple: 0 / 40
    Halloween: 0 / 39
    HW: 0 / 25
    EvergrindCity: 0 / 79
    EvergrindArena: 0 / 75
    RogueLike: 1 / 82

    A Sidenote about the NPCNames. I'll not translate Names directly. The only thing I might translate at them are titles like Pope etc. Still I won't translate something like Mrs. or Mr. like at Mrs. Bee because this way to address people is also known in German and I don't like the way "Frau Biene" sounds. It's like the famous example "Butterfly" cute - "Schmetterling" harsh.

    I'll upload the files as soon as they are finished, maybe I'll hand out a few teasers but that's very unlikely because I have a lot of stuff to do IRL (I'm at a hotel at the moment because the floor of my apartment get's renewed).

    I'll keep you updated!

    Best regards,
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    Update 20th May 2014:

    Slowly but surely does the Misc File reach it's final form. I'll release it soon so that some germans can take a look at the translation to find typos I might have missed.

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