Long ago, one of the most amazing things was introduced to the game: the Magic Arts Family. We got Muffin for our training wheel needs and Candy for our suicidal needs. This allows players to practice arcade and slowly get more familiar with it as they go along. Unfortunately, there isn't quite a way to practice the higher percentages. Since you only have 3 slots, hardly any can go to treats if you're practicing a higher percentage mode. Actually, none go to treats if you're practicing 180% or 185%. Moreover, there's a large change that's encountered when changing between curses/treats -- specifically with higher-percent curses. Dedicated people who want to get good at the game eventually find themselves practicing with hardmode. So they'll have hardmode on, x2 health on, and something else depending on what they need...a time crystal for extra survivability, loods for more rewards...who knows. But once they decide to add elites, they have to drop a useful treat. (Elite bots...elite boars...elite peckos...elite presents...elite statues...RIP RIP RIP) And eventually, x2 health will get replaced with Big Brothers or x2 damage. So survivability plummets and difficulty suddenly skyrockets, along with rage...all due to one change of a single slot.

What I suggest is to allow players to have 6 slots for curses/treats, with the number of curses and the number of treats both being capped at 3. Capping both treats and curses at 3 prevents extremely unfair high percentages. I've temporarily dropped the frosty conversation while waiting to see how Em0's score idea plays out. However, I'm certain that mages with frosties will almost entirely absorb the leaderboards if people can add more than 3 curses. Actually, as it stands, there are several curses that hardly harm mages but significantly harm melee players. So a cap of 3 makes sense. On the other hand, capping treats at 3 prevents extremely cheesy playing. Now personally, I don't think I mind extremely cheesy playing since the score percentage will disintegrate entirely. And I agree with Trippy that eventually an "Invincibility -All%" treat should be implemented. But if y'all are opposed to people using more than 3 treats then the cap is my solution to that.

The major benefit of this idea is that it gives players more options and allows people to ease their way into hardmode. Players can customize the game even further this way. And most importantly, it allows players that are practicing at harder difficulties to edge into the higher difficulty more easily. The game makes it very much possible to ease into normal mode arcade. However, the game does not grant the same possibility to allow players to ease into hardmode -- especially not the hardest modes (180%/185%). But with this change, such practice could be made possible. :D

If blocks taking over the screen are a concern, there are some art options. I'm not artist or UI designer or whatever. So I can't come up with amazing ideas there. But here's the two off the top of my head. 1) Keep the 3 boxes and make them shared. If a treat gets added to a box where a curse is located (or vice versa), cut the box in half diagonally. So the curse image appears in the top right and the treat image appears in the bottom left, for instance. If only a single treat (or a single curse) is seen in a single box, then it's full image should appear. Of course, this would require treats and curses to be canceled at their respective shops. 2) Add another 3 boxes for a total of 6 boxes, but add one row of the 3 boxes slightly underneath the other. So...the user would see 3 boxes, and then 3 more boxes underneath. When visiting Candy's shop, the rows would rotate to the curse row to allow for editing the curse choices. Then, when visiting Muffin's shop, the rows would rotate again (or rise or move in whichever other way) to allow for editing the treat choices. There are other ways of solving the visual issue, of course. But I think that a small visual change is very much worth the increased practice value. Arcade desperately needs to be practicable right now. The arena is priceless, but only for bosses. The dojo is useful...but only for knowledge of general timing -- not for any practical instances in runs. This would help increase practicability.
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