Giga Slime, icy label


Fellow Grindeans, today I've got something somewhat special to present.

I have celebrated my 30th Birthday recently (jeez, I'm gettin' old) and for that special occassion, I asked my dear mother for a special cake. As it happens, she is a creator of ice-cream cakes - yes, they're just like regular cakes... just made of delicious ice-cream. She usually makes them for big occassions, like weddings or for caterers and such, but after I send her some resource imagery she was eager to try that out. Well, without further ado, here's a picture:

She just happened to make the hammer facing the wrong way, which however did not influence the taste in the slightest. It was a bit difficult to explain to people of ages 50+, what that thing is supposed to represent, but they nevertheless enjoyed the cake.

After cutting the cake open, it appeared there were no apples at all, and instead ice-cream that tasted like caffè latte and cookies. Having a yellowish/brownish color, it was evident, those things even possess a brain - who would have thought:

If that thing wasn't made of ice-cream, I would even have considered sending certain special devs a piece, but they chose to live on an island far away, so no cake for you! :bag: Anyhow I hope that little homage makes your day, as it did mine ;)



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Haha, man, I am so jelly ( :naniva: ) right now! The ice cream cravings are real :D

But there's also comfort in knowing I'm not the only one around pushing 30 :bag: (I should add a Quinton emote for the two of us)