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    Hello and welcome everyone to my first Secrets of Grindea guide. Most of the "oldtimers" are probably familiar with the spot and concept, but often when reading the threads when it was shown for the first time I've seen that it's "no longer possible" or "was nerfed".

    If you want to see this much loot in an hour of doing nothing


    then read up on the guide :)

    1. Basic Concept
    The basic concept of the guide is to have high levelled Frosty Friend and Cloud Strike and let them farm the hell out of the enemies when you're browsing the web or having some life. Many people stated that doing that was "nerfed" because of the fact when you're not moving, then Your summon will stop attacking enemies after some time. I tried bypassing that by running into some spot that I can't be moved from (such as the one in the screen above) and putting stones in my arrow keys, but that disabled the possibility of using the computer further. But there's an other way:

    Walk into the spot shown in the screen, and while holding the up arrow key press enter

    Your character will then run up infinitely. In this particular spot You can't be pushed to the left or right by monster attacks and Your summon will cover all of the Rabby and Slime spawn points netting You exp, gold, apples, carrots and the rares.

    So, if You understood the concept let's get to the "guidest" guide part.

    2. Build
    In order to maximalise the speed of getting loot and exp Your summon needs to one hit kill Rabbies and Slimes (still testing other monsters) and have enough health to survive long. If a Frosty Friend is knocked out he will take some time to regenerate and come back into combat. This is why we're using Cloud Strike - our little cloudy will protect our character while Frosty Friend is regenerating and when monsters spawn too close.


    • Frosty Friend - As many points as possible. For Rabby + Slime spot 5 silver points is enough, but the more the better.
    • Cloud Strike - 3 points is enough
    • Any points at +MATK and + Max Health are useful.

    • Flower Whip
    • Frostling Jacket
    • Frostling Shoes
    • 2x Health Amulet
    • Frostling Hood or Phaseman's Face. Doesn't matter really.

    • Frostling Rogue - more gold per hour
    • Present - Still testing but it appears that rabbies/slimes will drop small amounts of Presents.
    • Scarecrow to increase possible AFK time.
    3. The Math

    The important part of any guide, the math, and how well does this work!

    Loot and experience per hour:

    I have tested this for one hour, two and three hours and got the average of:

    • 19% bar experience per hour (assuming 10k kills / level and done with checking exp before and after with a ruler... don't judge pls :x)
    • 13.200 gold per hour
    • 823 apples per hour
    • 368 carrots per hour
    • 344 Green Goo and 192 Rabbit Fur per hour (additional 2032 gold/h if sold)
    • 13 Gift Boxes (only if you have Present Card)
    So, if you want to hit level 100 like I do needing 10,000 kills per level and starting at level 20 after the quests:

    80 * 100% = 8000%:19% = 421 hours.

    Not as long if you take into consideration that it's 100% AFK the number doesn't seem so big.

    4. Last words and tips
    How long can I be afk? It depends on how good Your computer is. I have a gaming laptop and I won't risk afking for more than 3 hours. Every 2-3h I try to come and pick up the loot and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND EVERYTHING GRINDY SAVE AND EXIT AFTER LOOTING. Seriously. Too many times my game has crashed after that and I lost everything that I gained.

    Hope You enjoy!
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  2. Own

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    And this is why I would love it if enemies actually grew stronger over time during grinding, with increased chances of loot or gold drops. Eventually they'd overwhelm and murder the AFKer. :p

    Also, Manaburn doesn't work that way. It goes off of the difference between (Current EP) and (Current max EP).
  3. The G-Meister

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    It's at least funny that someone found a way to reinvent this glitch :p
  4. Ariadna

    Ariadna Green Slime

    Oh, I didn't know that! Will fix.
    Thanks :)
  5. Mimifun

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    I love this and it actually works, LvL 100 here I come!!!!!
  6. Jenkolegs

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    20 days later...
  7. Teremir

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    Sorry to necro this but I literally just made this account to say I love this. So far it's been wonderful. Any other good spots for this?
  8. Jenkolegs

    Jenkolegs Rabby

    Probably not as the enemies might end up overwhelming you.
  9. Osuki

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    Can use the Jumpkins to the left of the witches house.
    The pumpkin seeds and meat can be used to increase pet atk % too.

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  10. billyb1987

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    It works, thanks! Exp gain is very slow though but the apples make a nice HP boost with pets so that's nice.

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