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    There's never a moment of tension in SoG because if you feel under the slightest bit of threat, you can press ESC, go to your map, select Evergrind, close the menu and press up. Even if I do die, I'm usually happy because it meant I entered the room at low HP and now I get topped off.

    I'm sure some mechanics to add tension will be added in the future, though.
  2. MrChocodemon

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    And then you'd have to go through the Dungeon all again. The Flying Fortress won't stop you in your tracks, but the Toy Factory is more of an obstacle with it's production line steam attacks. Later in the story the Dungeon itself may be reason enough to not just to teleport to safety.
  3. GoodStuff

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    There isn't any dungeon that is that hard to just run through without taking damage to get back to where you started but it is still not very fun to teleport back to town to heal. The Toy Factory is very tiny and the only time you have to run past the production line is the first time as you wouldn't go back to town to heal every time you wanna retry the dodging part. If you leave the dungeon before defeating the boss the other path is unlocked so not really a problem IMO. :p
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    How about a support spell that gives 1 HP5 (1 HP every 5 seconds) per rank but takes up 75% of your MP bar while active?
    Silver takes up 50% and gold takes up 25% MP.

    So at silver rank, it gives you 5 HP5 and takes up 50% of your MP bar.
    and at gold rank, it gives you 10 HP5 and takes up 25% of your MP bar.

    Yes, it's a slow self-heal that punishes you for using it.
    and using it is completely optional, it's simply there to shut those people up :p
  5. GoodStuff

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    I have to stop saying this but any way to just stand still and heal back up to full health over time can just be exploited in Arcade Mode. Even if it's optional it wouldn't be fair to the people that beat the whole challange without the "cheating". It's the same as saying you beat the game on Hard but you switched back to Normal every time you fought a boss. I mean it's not really that big of a deal but at least to me it feels like it should be the same for everyone. Even if the great majority of the gamers are casuals I still feel like the game should offer something to brag about for the ultra hardcore 1% that beat the game blindfolded with one arm on their back.
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    For the idea of limited potions: there could be a bottle item, like in Zelda games. A super-rare item you can only get from chest and then fill in shop with some life or energy potions.
    This could be also in Arcade mode, to be filled by nurse.
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  7. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    The bottle could work and there are some different things you can do with it to make it more interesting than just a normal health potion. Here are some of my different ideas on a health potion.

    1: It works as the bottle in Dota and has 3 charges that can be refilled. One charge gives the player a healing over time that heals X amount of HP. (Additional it could be interupted by taking damage, this could also work as a mana potion if that's wanted) When used one charge is instantly applied to your character and you start to regen back health for 5 or so seconds.

    2: It works like in Darksouls and each bottle heals X amount of health instantly after a short "casting" duration.

    3: You fill the bottle with a certain amount of health depending on how much money you spend. So the bottle has a cap on how much health it can store and when you meet the nurse or talk to the potion guy in the city they offer to fill your bottle up with a similar algorithm to how the healing in Arcade works with the nurse. Eg. My bottle can store 1000 HP but I don't have enough money to buy that much so I buy 500 HP. Right now my character only has 200 HP so I can heal myself back to full health around 2.5 times. Every time I use the bottle it instantly uses as much as it can to bring me back to full HP and if it heals me back to full from 150 to 200 it's now gone down to 450 from 500.
    There could maybe be different levels dropedin Arcade mode of this one so in one run you get the 500HP bottle and the next you get the 200HP bottle. The bottle comes empty so you need a nurse to fill it up and even if you manage to find the bottle you might not find a nurse which (sounds) balanced.... Right? And even if you find a bottle and a nurse you might not have enough money to fill the bottle and heal yourself.

    3.1: Bottle 3 but with a healing over time effect instead of instant healing.

    3.2: Bottle 3 but with a short drinking animation before you're instantly healed.

    3.cubeworld: Bottle 3 but it works like potions in Cubeworld does. ;) So this means that you can move around but your character is using both hands to drink the potion and can not fight. It could either heal you 3%HP per sip and the longer you hold down the button the more you heal yourself meaning that you can control how much you wanna heal. Or it's a set drinking time for maybe 5 seconds where you're unable to fight but can move around while healing back up to full HP (every sip is healing back 20% of currently missing health until the bottle runs out).
  8. ssfsx17

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    For arcade mode - just disable healing. And also disable health orb drops.
  9. Motoma

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    What about a support spell that lets you trade a percentage of your Max MP for an increase in your Max HP? This would act like summons, in that while the spell is active you are not able to recharge that portion of your MP.

    For instance:
    200/300 HP 100/100 MP -> 250/350 HP 75/100MP (25 MP reserved)

    So you wouldn't be healing per-se, rather sacrificing your ability to maintain multiple summons in order to make it through the battle alive. If your HP dropped to a point where you'd die without the buff, you'd have to heal before you could uncast it (and get back to full casting capabilities).

    Then, having a complimentary support spell that allows you to sacrifice some Max HP for Max MP. This could add a tactical aspect to the gameplay, in that a person could choose to play as a heavy magic caster, keeping multiple summons and casting high-charge spells more readily available. Likewise, someone with a more hack-and-slash approach to fights would be able to preemptively choose to boost their HP.
  10. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    This reminds me of the Armlet in DOTA. In DOTA the Armlet let's you increase your Max HP AND your Current HP so people toggle it on and off when they have a DOT on them that's going to kill them because inbetween the ticks they go down to 1HP (because turning it off can't kill you) and then turn it on right away again to tank the damage with the temporary boost to their current health. So my question is, can we use this at 1HP to gain temporary health and when we're done fighting turn it off and then back on again to get the temporary health again? Also, wouldn't this be possible in Arcade aswell?
  11. Motoma

    Motoma Green Slime

    Naw, like I said above, if deactivating the skill would kill you, you can't deactivate it. You'd be stuck with it on (much like a knocked out snow summon) until you healed up above the buff.

    For instance, if you gained 50 HP from the spell, and you take damage down to 40 HP. You would be stuck with the buff on until you managed to heal back up to at least 51 HP (and thus, would be stuck with the MP reserved until then as well).

    I don't see this as being a game-breaking change, either to story mode or arcade. If anything, the ability to shift MP into HP or HP into MP would add more depth to the style of play players choose, as well as the choices taken for talents and skills.
  12. Cheynas

    Cheynas Rabby

    I would rather see it 'damaging' yourself when your toggling it off for the reserved amount, meaning it can kill you... easier to implement mechanically too.

    And if so, can be used in multiplayer to 'survive' a bad fight, only to kill yourself and be resurrected in safety.

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