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  1. IHeartPie

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    The name's Jonathan, but more of you know me as IHeartPie from the channel IHeartPieGaming. I've been doing Grindea coverage on my YouTube channel for quite a while now and I loved every second of it! Grindea remains one of my most anticipated games and every patch just gets me more and more pumped for release. I've covered an arcade mode run for every skill in the game right now, and I'm still working towards getting to the sky fortress efficiently. My favorite skills at the moment are the shadow clone, the frosty friend and the wind slash.

    A bit more about me:
    - Favorite genres are Action RPGs and Rogue-likes.
    - Huge passion for Indie games [Essentially all I cover on my channel]
    - Mostly PC gamer, just got a PS4, haven't had a chance to play it yet though =P

    Huge thanks to the Grindea team for the initial beta key as well as the keys for my giveaway a while back! I love you guys so much :]. Keep up the good work!

    But yeah, overall, I'm just a friendly gamer, feel free to talk to me about whatever :].

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  2. Vilya

    Vilya Developer Staff Member

    Your videos are great! Keep it up :D
  3. IHeartPie

    IHeartPie Halloweed

    Thanks! You guys have been doing amazing work! Nice job on all the art too, btw! I <3 em :3.
  4. Sunnieh

    Sunnieh Green Slime

    Great Videos! Everytime i see Videos about a game i want it for playing myself.

    Same with Secret of Grindea
  5. Sogomn

    Sogomn Rabby

    Wooh! Famous Youtuber! :)
  6. IHeartPie

    IHeartPie Halloweed

    I'm not even close to being famous, but I will continue to try and make enjoyable videos =].
    Thanks for the support, you guys! <3
  7. goku09

    goku09 Green Slime

    I watch your videos as soon as they pop up just to get my fix till I buy the game myself.

    Good work and keep them coming :)

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