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  1. Fark

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    Hello (w/ Toad voice)

    I'm Hallvard, one of the sound designers for Secrets of Grindea.

    Being just about old enough to experience a childhood with C64 and Amiga, I was very inspired by the more intimate and beautiful melodies some composers were able to squeeze into the low amount of channels that video games and other demo-releases were capable of at the time.
    This is why I played a lot with modtrackers on these systems myself.
    (perhaps a bit too much, as no one really seemed to dig my plonky bleepy music at the time :p )

    When it comes to TV shows, movies and video games, I’ve always been overly focused on the underlying soundtrack - Both the musical score and sound effects, which are meant to help the creator in getting his/her concept deliver a more effective experience for the audience.

    Sound design and music composing is something I’ve always loved working with, and have been doing a lot these past years, being hired as a composer and/or sound designer for several projects.;)


    [​IMG]- my Souncloud
    Orchestral: "Glad"
    Chiptune: "Dritglad" (same melody, but with more bleep)

    [​IMG] - my Tumblr

    I also make some musillycal videos now and then:

  2. Teddy

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    Hey dude! Welcome to the forums!

    Those were some pretty damn genius videos :D

    Didn't know you had mad video editing skills too!
  3. Fark

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    Oh yes indeed, Teddio:cool: at birth i distributed all my skill points toward video and audio and forgot social so I'm just a sociopath who make barking sounds at strangers .

    Jokes aside: thanks, man.;)

    And congrats on the forum.
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