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    Sooo, hello everybody. My name is Isak im a swedish 17 years old guy who loves rpg-pixel like games. As i mentioned before im from sweden, i live in a town called Gävle (Gaevle) a bit north of Stockholm swedens capital. What i do during my days is sporting, beeing with friends and play videogames. There's one special person who adviced me to buy this game and ill talk about that later.

    WHY SoG:
    Well, it was my brother who told me that this game existed. It immediately cought my attention since i love pixelated games like this and no jus that it looked amazing... it was multiplayer friendly aswell?!?
    So, since my brother and i bought this game we've been crazy about it.

    MY CHAR:
    This is my character. [​IMG] Called isk, he's lvl 19 and he's specced for close combat.
    As you can see he's quite good-looking hehe. Im currently in love with this game, ive collected all the current cards and i can't wait until the final release comes with more and MOAR stuff .

    This is all you need to know about me so far. <3<3

    //EDIT: Oh and uhm, i forgot to tell you why my name on this forum is Iskfåpisk. It basically means that i get a beating and why is because i get my ass handed to me in Arcade mode.... :p
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    Hi and welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask us anything, we're a few very active members with a lot of knowledge about the game and to top that off we're friendly too! ;) I hope you'll be able to spank Arcade mode soon. To help you out a little you might find some interesting things in these two guides that @Own has made. He runs the Spin2Win build with his friends (since it's one of the better builds for Arcade right now) so if that is your type of playstyle then maybe you and your brother can compete with him on the leaderboards in a few weeks maybe? :p

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    Welcome! We seem to have a lot of Swedish people here including the Devs themselves, so you'll have no trouble fitting in :p

    If you really want a safe build for arcade mode, wait a few weeks until the Gold Charge update comes out, then I'll publish a video on my mage build. At it's best you can get S's and A's in most rooms, while keeping as much distance from your enemies as possible :p

    In terms of actually taking out enemies with a sword build, it simply take a long time to learn how to cope with bunches of enemies, either luring out individuals or a nice AOE attack such as the Whirlslash used in Own's Spin2Win. I won't give you too many tips as I don't particularly want you overtaking me on the leaderboards, but there's a few hints to get get you going! :D

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