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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Waterbox, May 3, 2014.

  1. Waterbox

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    I stumbled upon this game just sifting through twitch.tv. At first it was just some random topdown RPG and was ready to write it off, but looking at the site and watching the trailer definitely piqued my interest. Started off with Hard Story and Immediately became hooked to the game's pacing, gameplay, and the aesthetic feel. Later that night (2AM when I had work later that day), did some Arcade mode with a friend and had fun while dying miserably.

    Fast Forward to now, I've pretty much been thinking about this game the whole day while at work. Wanting to play, wanting to collect, wanting to die to bees on the 2nd floor because perfect guarding is hard. Haven't been this excited for a game since Torchlight 2. Can't wait for this game to be released.

    I feel like I'm going to be spending a good portion of time into this game, so I'd like to meet like minds who either want to play or just chat and chill. If you want to see what I'm about, I stream at www.twitch.tv/waterb0x. Come stop by and say hi ( and watch me die). Other games I currently play are SSBM and Elsword.
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  2. Zydrune

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    Welcome to the forums and welcome to SoG. c:
    Seems I'm not the only one who enjoys this game that much, I'm planning on making even another character to check out new skills and all that. I can find myself playing this game for awhile, and I can't wait until it's fully complete.
    I followed you on Twitch, being a fellow streamer myself.
    Maybe sometime in the future we can play together, so I'm not so good at it as I wish I could be, aha.
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  3. Renegade

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    Welcome! I enjoy this game more than Torchlight 2, so, there's that :D
  4. Waterbox

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    @Kiri This game is pretty darn fun. Thanks for the follow. I gotta figure out how to open my ports so I can host games and whatnot
    @Renegade Thanks. TL2 was my drug when it first came out.
  5. Zydrune

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    @Waterbox That it is, I'm enjoying it so much already and testing for bugs. I'm excited for the full release. And it's no problem, I always love helping out a fellow Twitch user, mostly those who look to it as a source of income in the near future. I'm with you on the hosting games though, I'm trying to figure it out myself. ..Being as I was always a little unskilled and not so smart with hosting a game, or learning how to without a problem. I wish you good luck with it though. ;u;
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