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  1. mr. nails

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    Hello. I play games.

    I prefer beat'em ups, schmups, some first person shooters (love Borderlands!), tactical RPG's like Final Fantasy Tactics, World of Warcraft (Paladin master race rejoice!) all sorts of RPG's... I'll make this easier. I like pretty much all games minus sports games. The last sports game I enjoyed was Tecmo Bowl like some 25 years ago. : /

    I also like movies. Especially movies with eye candy! I like explosions, lazers, and an assortment of anime.

    Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, Deathnote (up to L's demise), Samurai Champloo, and the likes. Yes, hentai too. Gross? Who knows. But The Legend of the Overfiend is awesomesauce!

    Put all that in a bottle and shake it up and you get some sort of Secrets of Grindea concoction. And that's why I'm here. See ya on the battlefield. Maybe... silly port forwarding.
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    Welcome to the forum. ^^
  3. mr. nails

    mr. nails Rabby

    Awesome. Thank you kind sir.
  4. Zydrune

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    ^ u ^
    We share the same interests in things it seems, which is lovely.
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  5. mr. nails

    mr. nails Rabby

    Thank you kindly young lady. ;)

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