How to replace the Arcade Mode world map.

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    Replace the map with an Arcadia Report menu.


    Everything available for purchase is silhouetted in the beginning, being replaced by an icon representing that building when it's purchased.

    The sprites on the left are replaced depending on what's relevant building to building. If you fully max out a building in every category, it either gets marked with a gold star in the corner or given a golden outline to represent that it's done.



    (Sprite of a villager head, representing Villager Capacity, or number of villagers that can be added there) - [0/4]
    (Sprite of a cat head, representing Unique Animal Types Caught) - [0/20]
    (Sprite of a hammer in front of an up arrow, representing Building Upgrades) - [0/1]
    (Sprite of an exclamation mark, representing quests available) - [0/2]

    As above, but instead of a cat head, a fish representing unique fish caught.

    As above, but with a big red S representing bosses completed at S-Rank.

    As above, but with a shield icon representing number of shield challenges completed.

    Town Map
    Start with this. Contains only villager head and number of quests for NPCs who spawn independent of any building. For people like Lumberjack, Photographer and Scientist. Cavelings don't count, they're added to the tavern when their expansions are done. For people with many quests, like Photographer, maybe give them their own icon and quest category - like a camera lens?

    Dungeon Entrance
    Start with this. Contains only information about arcade. Villager Head, for NPCs rescued that only appear inside the dungeon itself, like Little John. A golden S, for double S-Rank rewards unlocked.

    It would go a long way in helping people know just how much content they have available in Arcade. :)
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