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As most of you know; has really good deals from time to time.

Why start this thread?
This weeks Bundle is really an insane deal.
- Hitman Absolution
- Thief
- Tomb Raider
- Sleeping Dogs
- Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut
- Murdered Souls Suspect
and much more for 15$ or less
nearly each game on this list costs 20 or more
just hitman, thief, tomb raider and deus ex are about 100 bucks

Just wanted to let you know.


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First of, I never planned to cover any more Humble Bundles than the first post.
But I thought about writing here if there is anything special on sale (and I'm in the mood to write something )

This time I want to really recommend the weekly special which lasts till the 12th of March 11 o'clock PST or 18:00 GMT


If you can't read it properly; it's the Monochromatic Bundle.
It contains, as the name suggests, monochromatic games. Monochromatic means "containing a single colour".
For most games this means more or less "grey" in different shades.... Or black and white as most people would call it.

- And having a game without colour is enough to recommend games?
Normally not, but those games are pretty diverse and there's propably something in there for nearly everybody.
For example:
Bridge - A M.C.Escher 2D Puzzle game with a hand drawn aesthetic
Closure - A "Only what you can see is real" 2D Puzzle Platformer set in a completely dark world where you move lightsources to solve puzzles
NaissanceE - A first person exploration which not the best "game" but some serious eye candy (features shades of orange)
I regularly use Screenshots from it as my wallpaper.
Betrayer - A first person adventure/"shooter" with a mystery on an island. Huge plus for the relaxed but eerie atmosphere. (contains red and can be in full colour if wanted. There is a slider for the color)

Ok, there is propably not something for hardcore shooter fans, or sport game enthusiasts in there.
Also, those games are not 10/10 (and sometimes not even monochromatic), but those games are really interesting, every one of them in its own rights.

The absence of colour gives those games a very atmospheric feeling, a sense of the unnatural and the mysterious.
They can focus all the attention on a single point with very small effort as even a slight change seems enormous when the style is so minimalistic. Closure has a really clever "show - don't tell" kind of gameplay, which uses every ounce of the look, to teach the player, while Betrayer can focus all the attention it needs from the player with a single red spot.