I keep disconnecting on multiplayer with my brother

Discussion in 'Co-Op & Matchmaking' started by hussam, May 17, 2014.

  1. hussam

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    ok so i recently finally figured out how to play multiplayer with my freind and my brother. My brother hosted the game and me and my friend joins it. Every about 5 minutes, or sometimes less, it disconnects from my brother's game. I know it is not my laptop because i when i went on a different laptop, it did the same thing. It also sometimes crashes instead. Ive tried going on the internet 2 hours straight and i didnt disconnect at all. It only does it when im playing the game. Me and my brother are connected to the same router by the way and my friend dosent seem to be experiencing problems like this. I was kinda thinking that it was my windows 8 because both of my laptops i tried to play the game on had windows 8. And also my brother and friend have windows 7.

    Please someone help me i dont want to keep reconnecting to my brothers game, and thank you for your awnsers
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  2. viRo369

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    Wich Antivirus software are you using?
    • Host/Client:
    • Turn off while you are playing; Antivirus Firewall or add Secrets of Grindea to the "whitelist"
    • Who is the Host? (Guess your friend?) Had you tried to switch between you and your mate?
    I think in this case, it has something to do with your simliar system settings between your both windows 8 system.

    What about the configuration of your router?
    • Activate UPnP in your router.
    • Portforwarding: 6000 TCP/UDP
  3. GoodStuff

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    I don't think it's a router problem since the brother is hosting and the friend is not having a problem. To avoid this problem I guess it would be easier to just host the games yourself but it's not a fix to the problem. I think @Teddy might have some more ideas for what's going wrong and how to fix it. :p
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  4. MrChocodemon

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    it might be the router. Our router has no problem hosting, but multiple PCs at once?, not a chance.
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  5. GoodStuff

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    Well if you're two people hosting with a slow upload speed then I could imagine that there are some issues but if one is hosting and the other is joining then there shouldn't be any problems. In most cases I would say that using the same router would be both faster and better in terms of connection.

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