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    For players interested in downloading community translations

    For Steam users, just make use of the in-built translation browser found in Options, or subscribe to translations via the Steam Workshop website (not that you have to switch manually in game, still).

    For DRM-free use, a translation creator can zip their project folder with everything in place, which you can unzip inside the Language-folder:

    {My Documents}/Secrets of Grindea/Languages

    Best practices if you want to make a translation

    Follow this guide to make your translation available via the Steam Workshop.

    If you want to distribute it to DRM-free users playing v0.601 or later, add the project folder containing your translation to a zip-archive! This way, people who want to install your translations can just unzip the entire thing into their language folder. Your project folder resides in {My Documents}/Secrets of Grindea/Languages, which is where end users should put it as well!
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    Well, the Portuguese translation is complete. I had to use Megaupload to host the file, as the forum doesn't accept .rar files. I hope Secrets of Grindea gets many more players!
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    The link "this guide" is dead :x

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