Introducing the Green Slime!


Green Slime
I have no idea why I have not decided to do this yet but I am now!

Many of you have already met me I believe as I have decided to simply jump in on the conversations and everything as if I was already here but with that said I believe I should still introduce Thalldor, the green slime.

Quite a nice guy wouldn't you say?

But in all seriousness I think I should talk about myself some I guess because why not.

I've been gaming for quite a long time, got bored of many of the recent games I have been playing but I have always sought out the true challenge of any game but with that said I try to not take it too seriously either, if we wipe we wipe and we go again and continue from there. I recently found this game by a youtuber that was making fun of this game actually and found it interesting which caused me to look closer into this game causing it to fall onto my lap. I have met some great people here already and I do hope to meet more as time goes on hoping to beat the hardest challenges with any allies I can make here. I hope I can eventually see all of you on the field of battle fighting side by side against the evil blue slime!

That's about it as I just rambled for a bit really because I'm bored so thanks for reading if you did.

-- Green Slime

Too Lazy Didn't Read: Green Slimes are real and candy canes eat people.


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The G-Meister

Giga Slime
Someone made fun of the game?! Bring him here, and let the fanboys crush him.

Death threats aside, welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay :3 Also, your image isn't showing up for me :/