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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by luckyb, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. luckyb

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    Hello everybody im luckyb.

    I found Secrets of Grindea in my Steam list. ( Steam creates lists to recommend you some games :D that list )
    i watched the trailer 20 seconds? and then i couldnt wait to get home from work to buy it :D now i have the game and the dlc with the hat ;)

    Yesterday I had my first stream testing something out for TAS speedrunning... yeah.

    Im from germany and i like pixelart/indie games ;D and RPGs.

    I cant wait to test the multiplayer. Im done with the first temple and have all cards except the ones starting in the toy factory :D

    I have one question:
    I want to make a guide where the best place is to farm certain cards where should i post it? General discussion right?
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    Hello and welcome. There has been some short posts about where to farm for cards and items but there still isn't one that covers all spots (especially now that the game got an update that added new areas and monsters). General Discussion or Anything Goes both work fine. Pick the one you want. :p
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