Make WindSlash not underly useless

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Momizi, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    i tryed very hard to like windslash and even after ranking it to rank 9 (highest it can go as of now)

    its still imposable to use in a real situation, every other spell outclasses it

    an idea i had is that it would shoot like a normal projectile and then split into 2 after it hits something

    (think The Parasite from Binding of Issac)

    Behold my brilliant collage educated art detaling how it would work


    i feel that this would make the spell on level with other skills as of now

    how do you feel about it?

    praise or criticism is advised

    sorry for my grammar i dont spell very well lol
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  2. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    This seems far better.
    I felt like the WindSlash took too long to aim in many situations and you're way too slow when you charge and try to attack with it.
  3. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    its nice to see that someone agrees with me,
    i hope a dev might agree too
  4. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    It really is slow and if the enemy is a ghost or some other enemy that doesn't comes in for hugs, then you really have a hard time.
  5. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    I like this idea, i often use the windslash and i like it but it costs far too much EP to be spammable and every shot which misses is very painful. with this system it would be better for the player to use it, but i would like to keep the 2/4 arrows and just let the slash splitting at hitting an enemy
  6. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    so like a throwable Spirit Slash? that would be cool but i feel it would be too powerful

    edit: ehh ignore that i didnt understand for a sec

    i think they should getrid of that arrow thing becouse like you sead it always misses painfuly
  7. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    No i dont think so it just needs a little practise. I often hit with both arrows or on full charge with 3/4
    Just a little timing. If the want to change a skill they should change the earthspike and the meteor because they doing practically the same and its not good cause you are stunned way to long while aiming
  8. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    silly enough those 2 skills are my fav based on how easy it is to aim them lol

    i love those skills XD

    but unlike earthspike and meteor you cant freely aim windslash

    i still cant find it being on par with other skills tho based on how hard it is to aim
  9. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    Okay maybe im just to unexpierienced with those ones but i think one could be changed ;)
    As for mee the windslash is easy to aim and get multiple hits ;) but a little buff of this skill and of the Chain Lightning would be nice
  10. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    yah i can get to the jumpkin woods in arcade mode just puting points soley into earthspike (you should try it sometime its great) it can even 1shot boars

    i can see why chain lightning is weak cus it hits meny monsters but thats a story for a diffrent topic lol
  11. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    yeah so back to topic i like the windslashes aim for myself and also im thinking it needs some time for practising but it is clearly worth the effort. But i also agree that you should get more rewarded for a hit.
    If the windslash splits upon hit it would be a nice thing.
  12. Fred

    Fred Developer Staff Member

    I do agree that the Wind Slash needs a buff in some way as it's not a very viable skill at the moment. I like the spinning arrows in theory since it truly makes the skill unique, but the situation where the skill would be useful is so rare it's not practial.
    I like your idea, I enjoyed the parasite in The Binding of Isaac. I do wonder however if you wouldn't end up with a similar situation to where the skill is now, where it would be really hard to line up the enemies properly for it to work as intended. Maybe to whole "split in two to hit multiple enemies"-idea needs to be reworked because of the way enemies move in our game, but I'm not sure.
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  13. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    maybe the windslash should fly in a circle like this? or is this a stupid idea?
  14. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    yah my point of it is it would be more for crowd control
    you would group monsters together and then throw one in and hit lots of them
    it does have a better chance to hit the monsters then it currently does now tho lol

    the other idea i had would be a throwable spirit slash (smaller circle obviously)
    the projectile would look like a tornado that would do the damage
    but i thought this idea was more original
  15. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    Gold Charge seems very "Blade Beam"-esque
  16. Own

    Own Moderator

    I think Windslash could be benefitted a bit by having it bounce whenever it comes into contact with something. Enemies, walls, whathaveyou.

    There's currently no real 'bouncing' skill.
  17. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

  18. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    Yeah im pretty sure he meant this ;)
    was also my first assoziation :D
  19. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

  20. Donald

    Donald Rabby

    We could always just have wind slash be a projectile that spawns a lil tornado for a short time that circles around. Arrows idea was neat, Ive never seen it before. But its just too damn difficult to aim.

    I also wouldnt mind a projectile AoE like earth spike or meteor, but a tornado.
    Then that skirts back into too many skills being similar.

    I like the chaining projectiles. Generally its easy to group monsters together so something like that would chain very well.

    This game just gives me so many ideas for skills though.

    A fire passive that leaves a trail of lava?
    Ice passive that slows enemies slightly, and if you stay in the trail too long it compounds to a point with diminishing returns.

    Let me explain myself. I tend to see earth in terms of tanking. Fire in terms of damage. Ice in terms of utility(slow). Wind in terms of utility as well (self buff, team buffing, increased movement speed, battlefield positioning)

    Earth passive that gives a mild defense bonus each time you cast an earth skill, wears over time or via damage.

    Air passive that increases movement speed, or projectile speed. Id like that utility.
    Some air skills that involve pushing enemies a moderate amount would make sense.
    Plants should have a mild rooting (debuff on enemy)in the earth tree as well.
    Passives to change the mechanics of existing skills/elemental categories

    Poison like skills would be fun. Sludge bomb aoe with chance of DOT. leave behind a trail of acid that damages/chance to debuff.

    I just shouldnt post about skills anymore because I know you guys have stuff coming out ;3

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