When y'all return to arcade (I know it's not a big deal now) please do something significant with the essence. Right now, I honestly hate essence. I have way over 10mil gold (numbers pushing outside the regular box) and am repeatedly hitting the 999 essence wall only to sell for roughly 500k gold again. This means that when I'm thrown essence midrun, it's basically the same as being thrown trash. It's ridiculous when I complete a bishop challenge while defeating a treasure Lood and kill an enemy that gives me essence...and then get awarded with 2 extra essence in that same room...and then get challenge-rewarded essence in a difficult challenge room on that same floor. Many players who have "completed Arcadia" have just about no use for essence anymore. Essence needs to be given legitimate value that will last the entire life of one's arcade career (meaning essence won't become trash when players reach a state like my own).

Lood Eggs need to be given the same treatment. They're not very useful, save for buying some health insurance. You can put them in your farm, but not everyone wants 10+ of each Lood clogging your farm and killing your frames (yes, I have more than 10 of each kind of egg). It's especially painful to burn ~1/2 your hp for a talent lood or health lood...only to be given an egg.

Some options...

1) Give Essence monetary value mid run. Make it a special kind of item that can be sold. It needs to be sellable for a significant amount of money...like money that is clearly worth more than your typical weapon. That way, after being given essence, you at least have the hopes of getting a better item from another shop or something else. If you don't get to buy any good items (or you die), you have some extra gold upon returning to Arcadia. Note that Lood Eggs should not get this treatment because it is effectively the same as making all Loods golden Loods by default. People certainly risk half their hp for potions, but never for gold.

2) Make Essence and Lood Eggs a random add on to existing rewards. This would be a random reward completely separate from the rest of the loot pool. This is similar to G's idea of rewarding you with random Lood Eggs and the actual item from the Lood chest that you wasted half your HP for. (It's an amazing idea that definitely should get implemented.) That way, when people risk their valuable hp for a special weapon or health orb or Lood, they actually get the reward...and a little something extra. I think I prefer Option 2 over the former.

TL;DR = (string) => Players need to be legitimately rewarded in arcade runs. Things like Lood eggs and essence are not true rewards as they stand right now. They're a pseudo-reward that loses value soon after someone gets deep into arcade. So they should be reworked to give them long-term value.

P.S. -- there's options to make things a little more spicy. For instance, you could afford the player Option 2 after selling/offering/sacrificing a certain number of different kinds of Lood Eggs and essence.