This is probably debatable, but I think bombs need a change...not in how they function, but in what they act as. Bombs effectively act as mega walls that trap and punish the player without affording any real counter play. You cannot push bombs back to damage enemies. And although you can trigger bombs yourself, the bombs never hurt enemies. While they have no counter play, they cause several problems in the game...

Bombs absorb reflected projectiles. They impede the player's movement (this is incredibly problematic in BigBrothers if you get caught in a guardian's gravitational force). And since they're movable, enemies that are attempting to reach the player can push them closer to the player. When you're in Seasonne where there are spikes and a lot of frostling projectiles and angry slimes/thieves, this removes a lot of options from melee users and even a few mages. You can't stay near the bombs because if you attack the wrong way you'll take damage. So you run/blink to the other side of the room. But then the 2 presents shoot bombs at you, and all the slimes/thieves bring the bombs to you on that side so that no form of a directional shield can protect you from damage. So you have to blink across the room again. Repeat. The only real way to avoid this is really to run quickly to the middle of the room and burst the presents...which isn't very creative.

The solution to what I consider a problem with bombs is pretty open ended, I think. There are a few things really. I've come up with a couple shallow ideas that maybe I can flesh out later.

1) You could make them something like timed mines instead and remove their "physical presence". That way, they're no longer a semi-wall to the player. And they can't be brought to the player by other enemies en masse.

2) Another option is to allow bombs to harm enemies if the player triggers the bomb. This allows more interesting game play. Melee players can swipe and quickly pguard to deal dank bomb damage. You can quickly escape and then snipe bombs with the bow (this makes the bow actually useful without making it OP). There are even more amazing things you can do with this. It makes bombs much more fun and removes a lot of bothersome rooms that ultimately become "jank" or "cyclic".

At this point, I should point out that technically stasis is another solution to the issue (assuming you have time to aim, have good aim, and don't have more than one present in the room). But's kind of an non-creative solution.