The attack speed of enemies in arcade mode should not be affected by the number of players in a run. When playing with 3-4 players, the increased attack speed of certain enemies is strongly felt by melee players. For instance, in Hardmode (HM) 4-player (4P), you can only get 1 (maybe 2) hits TOPS out on any flower-type enemy. And that's only if you Pguard. Your shield is sure to get demolished if the enemy has enough HP or if you just make a simple mistake. Similarly, elite bots virtually never stop attacking (4P HM). The interrupt balance for melee was great. But if I Pguard a 4P HM elite bot and attempt to retaliate, there is a high chance that I will take damage while performing my interrupt attack. It's happened multiple times.

Moreover, I recently realized that melee is the only class that suffers from the enemy attack speed buff. Mages are naturally ranged classes. So if the enemy is a flower or an elite bot or whatever else, all the mage has to do is cast spells from afar and run around. This is especially the case when frosty friend is present. Thus, melee -- which is already at a disadvantage in arcade -- is punished for no reason when playing multiplayer arcade. With bosses and elite enemies already having HP buffs in multiplayer arcade, there is no need for an increased attack speed. Attack speeds in any nP run should always retain their standard 1P attack speeds.

Terrorweed Example:

An example with Elite bots can be found in Chaldo's Arcade Suggestions post:
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Just to clarify, are you referring to delay in between attacks, or the wind-up time from when an enemy starts attacking to when it actually does damage?