Multiplayer trough Evolve (Server and Explanation inside)

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    Thanks to Aldemaria for the hint i have set up a group in the Software Evolve (hamachi just cooler) for Secrets of Grindea Players.

    Each Beta participant can download the Evolve Software here[/url]
    Register himself and join the Group by following this link,party:Qd1VK3TKzH4VXD9_

    Also you are able to add me as friend in Evolve and others who put their name here to simply make your own SoG Online Multiplayer room or just join like in hamachi via the Evolve IP which you can lookup in the group by the name of the player which is hosting.

    If anyone has questions or want to share his Evolve name please ask.

    This is just a test i dont know exactly how it works and can not test it NOW.
    If anyone could please test it i wont be able to do this before weekend.

    Also if any of the SoG Crew could contact me for the port(i dont know if its really needed or not) would be nice.

    By the way if anyone will add me there im also

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