Npc's ridiculously OP


Green Slime
It seems that, if you look at Luke, or Charlotte, you see that the do ridiculous amounts of damage, much more than the player will ever be able to do. Heck, Charlotte did 59K damage with a single skill, and the player usually does somewhere around 1000 to 2000 when the finished the tai-ming zone 1. Maybe you could bring the numbers down a little, to make them seem a little less ridiculous. For example, why wouldn't Luke just slam through the glass and make minced meat out of the boss in the toy factory?


Luke's damage isn't that much, compared to heroic slam. Charlotte's damage numbers indicate that if there is going to be a dragon battle, it'll either be brief and inconclusive or around end game.

Also Luke is known to be strong (even though he potentially is weaker than main char). Charlotte is also mentioned to have been one of the strongest warriors the character's dad knew.

All in all it seems fine so far.