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    Hey guys, it's me, it's G... Your bog-standard spotty teenager and welcome back!... to the forums! I thought I've been here for a while, may as well throw some moderately interesting information about myself at the monitor for people with nothing better to do to enjoy at their own leisure! Here goes!

    I'm 16, and live in the UK, next to a government scientific research centre, so if anyone on this forum is gonna catch ebola, it'll be me! Yay :D! I have no friends but my computer, my games and my in-game characters (yes, that's how lonely I am T^T). I'm just about to take my GCSE's (first one is on Wednesday) and should probably be revising for them rather than making this post, but I'm an intelligent bugger and have done well in the mocks we've had so far, so I can waste a few minutes :D! (If only they took 10 minutes and you could have infinite retrys... :p) I'm 6ft 2in tall (yes, I'm huge xD) and have moderately long hair (well, for a boy anyway).


    I found Grindea about a month ago after I saw one of my favourite YouTubers who goes by the name of sl1pg8r playing multiplayer with a bunch of his buddies. I was getting bored of all the other games I was playing at the time, and luckily, the Pixel Ferrets came to my rescue :D! I bought the Jumpkin tier as I liked what I had heard from the soundtrack so far, and haven't regretted putting in the extra money (I have too much and nothing to spend it on anyway)!

    I've played all the way through both the stable and the frontline versions, as I love the game so much! Here was my feedback on the stable version, another wall of text for you to read if you get bored! :D (I'm so good at creating masses upon masses of characters arranged in such a way that I don't bore everyone :3)

    Here is the character I used for my playthrough on hard mode for both the stable and the frontline: I called her Ferona, which was the nickname I gave to a friend I made while on holiday in Corsica. Looks nothing like her mind you, but hey.
    Ferona.png Ferona2.png

    If you wish to re-create her, here are all the style options:

    Hair colou.png Hair.png Skin tone.png Scarf.png

    I have a feeling the scarf may be the shade of yellow to the left, but it's close enough :p

    Jumper.png Trousers.png

    The skills I decided to use were Ice Nova, Fireball and Shadow Clone. If I did it again I'd take out the fireball, but it's good for beginners as a moderately long range weapon against heavier foes. The reason I like the Ice Nova so much is because it synergises well with many of the talents they added in the frontline version. The reason I got it in the first place was as a replacement for a 2 handed weapon as it is essentially a huge AOE attack (Area of effect, for those who don't know the lingo :p). It works extremely well with the Insult to Injury talent as it automatically slows down all enemies by giving them the chill effect. The talent then ups your damage by 30% to those enemies, at the highest level, which is incredibly helpful seen as they're already slowed. Then add the Arcane Charge which gives you an extra 45% damage (at the highest level) on your next melee attack after you have used a spell, meaning you can whack a bunch of enemies with the Nova, them smack their faces in! How cool is that! And if that doesn't finish them off, getting Backhander at maximum level gives you an extra 30% damage on the return swing. And in case you don't want the Ice Nova (or you have it but are stuck in a sticky situation with some fast moving enemies) Chilling Touch at max gives you a 15% chance to chill an enemy anyway, combined with the Shadow clone that makes you hit each enemy twice, or even 3 times! I also recently got the Winter's Guard shield, which, when you perfect guard (which I often try to do), has a 100% chance to chill enemies and a chance to freeze them too, and all frozen enemies take their next hit as a critical! I'm just too good! :D ^-^

    Phaseman's Face, the Laser Sword, Summer Greaves, Green Slime Armour,

    I'm a keen bug hunter, always looking for ways to exploit the game with which to fill up the ever-filling box of insects the Pixel Ferrets have to psychotically murder, each murder more unique than the last, and ever postponing their progress on the game :3

    (Now you'll never think the same way about fixing a bug again, will you Teddy :p)

    I'm already Rabby on the forums, which is a good start :D

    I'm actually about to start a playthrough where I solely seek out glitches, mainly ones by which I can get out of the map... not saying it's gonna be easy, but I have a whole 2 month summer ahead of me, and practically nothing to do in it :p. It's gonna involve a piercing dash, a halloweed and a frosty friend, me thinks...

    Anyway, I think I covered everything I wanted to, see you guys some other time! Perhaps we'll bump iton each other in a different thread! Who knows!

    Ta ra!


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    You've already been around for a while but welcome to the forum! I'm also close to a break from school but I'm only gonna have 2 weeks instead of 2 months, hopefully I can still get some bughunting done in that time. :p
    Good luck with your exams. :D
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    Thanks ^-^
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    Welcome! Hopefully you won't catch Ebola. Don't want you to miss the full release of Secrets of Grindea now, do we?
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    You make me want to move house sir >_< If I missed that I'd have a nervous breakdown :/
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