Pet Rabby: Doesn't stand out from regular rabbys

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by y-aji, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. y-aji

    y-aji Green Slime

    I keep trying to attack my pet rabby. Maybe putting a collar on the rabby or some kind of marking would help differentiate your rabby from the enemy ones?

    One of these is my pet:
  2. SoyAntonio

    SoyAntonio Boar

    You can change your Pet Style (color) in the Pet Info menu. Pink Rabby for the win!
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  3. Todoc

    Todoc Green Slime

    But a collar color option would be a nice idea, if you want keep the normal color. :)
  4. Sushi

    Sushi Green Slime

    Pet accessories remind me of Ragnarok Online. There they gave abilities to the pets (the poring family was about looters, most attacked, a few casted low lvl buffs on their owner, etc ...). We already have the cards, but that could be fun as another tribute, especially if it unlocks small, non game-changing abilities (as I'm no tester yet, I don't know what the pet actually do).
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  5. Viggzta

    Viggzta Green Slime

    Sushi you can feed your pets with different food which gives experience in stats like atk and mana.

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