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Discussion in 'Co-Op & Matchmaking' started by Tylerthedragon, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Since I go back to school tomorrow (BOOOO) I am gonna have less time to play SoG. If anyone wants to play with me on steam (my username is Tylerthedragon) Feel free to offer me to play.
    Leave your steam name on the Steam Usernames Thread and leave a message here saying to add you and we should play.

    I am usually available After school from 3PM-8PM GMT, and we should play with new characters!
  2. blaise2003

    blaise2003 Green Slime

    Add me, I've been looking for someone to play with!
  3. pbxellos

    pbxellos Green Slime

    feel free to add me as a friend i am looking for more people to play with on arcade.

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