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    Since there is actually a plot in the game, it seems odd no one is discussing it. There are several interesting things to note in the game that aren't explained up to the current point in the story.

    1: Your dad is missing an arm and has a scar on his face. How?

    2: Vilya comments that you're 'that' kid, she won't let you pass even if you could pay the toll. Someone paid her off to stop you? It can't be because you have Bag, the Ferrets seem surprised when he pops out.

    3: Aline's grave is in the Pumpkin Woods graveyard, the Flying Fortressis beyond PW. This seems to imply that at one point the PW wasn't cursed. The game mentions that the forest 'cast this curse upon itself'. The implication appears to be that the forest doesn't want anyone reaching the FF. Could it be Aline's spirit that cast the curse to prevent anyone from awakening Gun-D4m / Amalet, and Bishop needs items to break the curse so they can be awakened?

    4: Farhmamera is identified as the great enemy on the Flying Fortress monitors, how it ravaged the countryside and slaughtered untold numbers. Another monitor expresses curiousity that monsters drop cards, but carpenters don't get Hammer Cards and despite all wars, a Human card has never been found. Was Farhmamera a Collector who became obsessed with finding that 'final' drop and decided to start killing people to locate that one elusive card?

    5: Protoman identifies his enemy as 'Sentient Container', not you. You're carrying Bag. Why does he want to destroy Bag, unless he lumps Bag in with Amalet by being of the same 'species'?

    6: Your father appears to be someone of significance, given he has some sway with Ivy and Naniva expresses shock at his identity. He stops Naniva before she can reveal any information about his past.

    Bonus: Unfounded conspiracy theory. You kill Gigaslime without a single drop. Miraculously a single slime drops from the sky when you're about to be dismissed. Was this luck / skill as a Collector, or did someone rig the exam to put you in first place?

    Any other plot details that seem curious to anyone?
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  2. GoodStuff

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    I just wanna wait and see what the devs have in store for us when it comes to the story. As you point out, there are some very big questions to be answered but with only 1 out of 4 tempels played you can't really expect to know everything. :p

    1. He was most likely in combat against a boss or maybe against another collector (the guild master?) that was way to powerful for him. At first my thought was that he lost his arm when he tried to save your mother but he seems way to happy to have a past that dark. I can't decide if the mother is dead or just out there travelling the world but she is a plot detail I'm curious about. (I'm to lazy to start up the game to read the dialogue about the mother but I don't recall "Dad" saying that she is dead, only that "Your mother would be proud".)

    2. I think she has encountered your dad before (maybe they were both collectors at one time but she went rouge and dad beat her up in a fight) and that is why she don't like you. She probably has a grudge towards your dad and she tries to take it out on his child instead because she know she can't beat our dad.

    3. That could very much be the case.

    4. This is a very interesting aspect. I really like this idea of him being an obsessed collector that's trying to be the first one discovering the most amazing card the world has ever seen. I really hope that this is the case and that he isn't just a throw-away villain that just briefly gets mentioned to give the location some kind of back story.

    5. I had to translate the word Sentient and it appears to be a word for emotions so "Sentient Container" could also be said as "Emotion Container" which would point towards a human. As we all know, robots don't have feelings while humans do which is why a robot whould say something like that. I don't think this has to do with Bag at all.

    6. I think that dad might have been the Guild Master before Ivy but he gave that up to take care of his child. It seems reasonable that he would be shown respect from people at the Guild if he was the previous Guild Master (he was probably also a lot more friendly than the current Master).

    7. It's either luck or rigged. For the typical hero in games like Zelda or Final Fantasy luck would probably be the case but I don't really feel like the game is targeted towards the same audience as those games so the story might actually lean towards the exam being rigged. Then again if the card drops are random it should be impossible to set this thing up as you don't know if that slime will drop a card. Unless there is a card or an item that lets you predict card drops or force them to happen I don't think rigging the exam can be done.
  3. Cheynas

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    Sentient, is also a word describing things that can think for themselves. I guess...

    Either way, it'd make sense for the logic-bound robot to point to the free-thinking human and claiming it's a sentient being.
    Only 'off' part is the container, and with that I'm inclined to agree with Own and that it was sensing Bag.
  4. Own

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    Exact Vilya quote:

    "Hey, wait a minute... that brat is the one! S/he can't pass even with the toll! This is a dream come true, I get to beat up a kid and can't even get in trouble for it!'

    'The one'. 'A kid'. If she had a grudge against you, she would be a bit more specific in her words, I think. Those exact choice of words imply more carrying out a job than getting revenge for something. I might just be reading into it, though.
  5. GoodStuff

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    It does sound like she's been ordered to kill you but who would give such a request and who is the boss behind the scenes that most likely put a bounty on our head? Hmmmm....
  6. Raeden

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    Imagine if somehow Vilya was your mother who had ditched the family!
    The dialogue would then be hilarious
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  7. Yuuki

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  8. Yuuki

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    On topic:
    Maybe you arent really a (pure) human. Maybe you are really just an android like thing or something like in Summon Nights Swordcraft Story 2 where you are basicly the vesel of the Omega to the Alpha (Evil). This would maybe explain you luck with those monster cards.


    Not really likely through.
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  9. KoBeWi

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    As for the "sentient container": when you go to Memory Room and read description of GUN-D4M, there's a sentence: "This behemoth became possessed by the sentient accessory Amalet ". Amalet and Bag are both artifacts, so sentient container is likely to refer to Bag.
  10. GoodStuff

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    I don't remember the story behind Phaseman but wasn't he created to fight Fahrmamera? If he was created to fight GUND4M then it would make sense that he's targeting Bag.
  11. KoBeWi

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    Phaseman was created to fight Fahrmamera, but Fahrmamera was a collector, so his powers could come from artifacts. Making Phaseman target artifacts would be logical.
    But Phaseman says also: "ALLEGIENCE: Farmahmera". This could suggest that either Bag was in possesion of Fahrmamera or hero is his descendant.
    Or one more possibility: Phaseman glitched because of rust and his attack was coincidence.
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  12. Yuuki

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    @KoBeWi the hero being a descendant would surely be a nice idea.
    maybe Farmahmera isnt even that bad and is just betrayed as so due some missunderstanding. Maybe he is the person who fights the realy threat but couldnt hinder the threat
  13. GoodStuff

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    What if Bag and Farmahmera are the same? Imagine Farmahmera being defeated and to prevent his powerful soul to find its way to another body it was captured inside a bag which resulted in the creation of Bag?
  14. Own

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    Phaseman has nothing to do with fightin Gundam. Go read the screens in Flying Fortress, guys. :p


    We started two experiments today. One goes by Phaseman, the other Gundam. Phaseman is our best bet, and the fastest to build.

    There's also one that says Fahrmamera grows strong with every living soul he consumes. The fact that he's killing absolutely everyone down below does give some credit to the 'He's been driven insane to be the perfect Collector, hunting a human card'.

    A very curious thing to note is that no one else in the game mentions the disaster the Flying Fortress talks about. There's no evidence of massive destruction anywhere, Grindea appears to be at peace.

    Another interesting thing to note is that the research begins in the year 076 and the last year presented is 095. Amalet speaks of being in captivity for a thousand years. I wonder what the current year of the game is, and why it was only '76' to begin with. Did a new age begin for some reason? Why doesn't anyone seem to remember this happening? The log doesn't even mention Farhmamera being defeated, it just talks as if the killing has stopped somehow.

    A shot in the dark theory could be that Farhmamera culled the world to a number it could recover from and went back to sleep, until such time as humanity could recover to begin the cycle all over again upon waking. Assuming they are even collecting souls / searching for a human card, like the logs mention in passing.

    And there's a load of mostly baseless speculation, based on what little we know of the plot. I'm sure Pixel Ferrets never intended for anyone to look this far into the plot of a game where the entire world revolves around grinding. :)
  15. Own

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    New interesting, brief story thing:

    Winter is either evil or being controlled, but still adopts a softer expression the instant Charlotte is mentioned. Her mere name is enough to give anyone pause. I wonder what she did to be that influential?
  16. KoBeWi

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    Naniva said something that Fae were once saved by human. It could be Charlotte.
  17. The ancient artifacts may indeed be "ancient" and created a long time ago before the games setting. The year of the games setting is unknown, but it seems like GunDam must be pretty new technology, because nobody else has caught on. Possibly this year could be counting his age, instead of a definitive year, which means the time has set back to a time where technology like GUN-DAM has not been created for proper use. It feels strange that the Flying Fortress seems much more advanced than every other area in the game, as everywhere else relies on magic to run even the simplest technology when Flying Fortress is filled with robotic drones.

    Possibly your mother in the game has gone into hiding because she has found this elusive card and to protect everybody from obtaining it. Also, the idea that the items inside of the dungeon are your mothers would be an amazing plotpoint and would be cool. Possibly the mother was the one who created the place as her shrine.
  18. The G-Meister

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    As cool as this would be, the case is either your mother was some sort of magical superwoman with the power to change the seasons like the Fae can, because at the end of the temple you see winter freezing off the last section of the season-dial, assuming that this dial controls the changing of seasons, as Winter's objective is to stop change (ie. set the whole world to winter (and if Grindea happens to have the same physics as we do here, prolong the length of the universe too, so, props to him)) and we're saying that Charlotte built that.

    Or it was simply empowered by the Fae.

    Or she didn't build it, which seems more logical to me because of all the traps designed to fend off everything that isn't Fae.
  19. This can simply just be to protect the "human" card from intruders, as the fae would have no use for cards.

    Or she was a fae that transformed into a human? Who knows? So many Possibilities.
  20. iskfårpisk

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    You guys just blew my mind.. Never thought about the game having secrets in it as theese. ​

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