[Portuguese(BR)] (Idiomatic Translation) - Complete! (0.572b)

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  1. Dulled

    Dulled Rabby

    Hello there, folks!

    After days and nights, the Brazilian Portuguese translation is complete. Enjoy it!

    Dialogues translation: 100% (Complete!)
    - Pillar Mountains: 100%
    - Evergrind Fields: 100%
    - Flying Fortress: 100%
    - Halloween: 100%
    - HQ: 100%
    - Evergrind City: 100%
    - Evergrind Arena: 100%
    - Roguelike(Arcade): 100%

    Misc. Translation: 100% (Complete!)
    - Items: 100%
    - Enemies: 100%
    - Spells: 100%
    - Menus: 100%
    - Notices And Tips: 100%
    - Quests: 100%
    - NPC Names: 100% (Doesn't really count)

    For a translation guideline:

    Locations: English.
    Unique Items: Portuguese.
    Unique Names: English
    Enemies and all the rest: Portuguese.

    Version: 1.0.0 (21/06/14) - 18 mistakes solved on total.
    Click Here to Download (Mega)

    - Make sure you're using the frontline version of Grindea (0.572b)
    - Unzip this file in Documents/Secrets of Grindea/Languages
    - Go to options, language, and change it to Portuguese(BR)
    - The menu won't change its language, but many things in the game will be in

    Note: Due to the early development of the tools, many things in the game are NOT

    translatable. In future versions, however, everything possible will be in Portuguese.

    Note 2: If any conversation is in English, delete the Portuguese(BR), re-download it and follow the same instructions.

    Extra: I'm still testing this. If you find any typo or dislike any terms that I used, please, post your thoughts in this forum. Be polite.
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  2. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Green Slime

    Is it brazilian portuguese?
  3. Dulled

    Dulled Rabby

    Yes, as far as I know. But I don't believe that this distinction will be needed.
  4. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Green Slime

    Just wanted to clarify.. I'd like to help if you need!
  5. Dulled

    Dulled Rabby

    Thanks for your offer and I will surely need help. As I don't really know many people that know Portuguese AND play Grindea, reviewing this translation through playing will be essential! More people equal to a higher chance of finding mistakes.
  6. DarkTakayanagi

    DarkTakayanagi Green Slime

    I am also translating into Portuguese. We can merge if u want.

    what am i translating at the moment:

    -Misc. Translation:
    --Menus: 30%
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  7. Dulled

    Dulled Rabby

    I'm really happy that you offered your help in the translation, but there is no real need for it. I'm working with three other friends and everything is going in a steady pace. Although, in the future, proofreading the translation would be of great help. Thanks again, dude!
  8. cacarama

    cacarama Green Slime

    I am Brazilian and I am quite looking forward to the completion of this project!
    Wishing you much encouragement!
    (google translator ...)
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  9. Dulled

    Dulled Rabby

    Be at ease, as this project is being worked day and night. Some more days and it will be completed! Thanks for the encouragement, dude!
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  10. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo Green Slime

    Nice work, i'll play and test asap!
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  11. Fred

    Fred Developer Staff Member

    Awesome work guys! ;D
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  12. Dulled

    Dulled Rabby

    Remember that I have not made any kind of proofreading on the translation. I already found many typos, but I'll spend the night fixing them!
  13. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    You worked so fast! It's awesome and if anyone should complain, i'd propably shoo them away.
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  14. cacarama

    cacarama Green Slime

    Fantastic and quick work, friends!
    I am very grateful, now will understand
    best history of this great game!
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  15. Rajunah

    Rajunah Green Slime

    Do you speak Portuguese or are u from any country that speak PT? I'm just asking because it can be hard to translate to portuguese, and Google translator kind of program is not very accurate....

    Btw i haven't tested yet... but will do.
  16. Dulled

    Dulled Rabby

    As you can read in the title, this is an idiomatic translation, meaning that I know at least proper knowledge of Portuguese. And yes, I live in a country that speaks Portuguese.
  17. Rajunah

    Rajunah Green Slime

    i did not want to sound rude, i am sorry if i did.
  18. Google translator seems to use mainly portuguese from Brazil to translate things, but sometimes you see a mix translation, with both portuguese and brazilian options lol

    its a brazilian (portuguese from Brazil) translation, not portuguese from Portugal, I tested it and its good enough.

    Though it seems not natural to me (reason why, is because that I'm from Portugal :p)

    It will take some time for me, but later I will try to translate this for Portuguese from Portugal. If anyone else wants to translate to Portuguese(PT), go ahead I don't mind, meabe you will be faster than me doing it :p
  19. Dulled

    Dulled Rabby

    I'm the one that should be sorry. Re-reading my statement now, it really seems to be harsh. I'll use "kinder" words from now on. Remember, if anything on the translation doesn't please you, just post here and I'll check it out ASAP.

    I should have made it clearer, I'll now change the thread name to indicate that it the Portuguese from Brazil. Also, it didn't surprise me that the translation didn't feel natural to you: although Brazilian Portuguese comes from Portugal Portuguese, they have drifted apart in the course of history. For that, I wish you luck in translating this awesome game to Portuguese(PT)!
  20. Azura

    Azura Green Slime

    Hello there :)

    I'm brazilian and i just checked the translation. After a superficial look, i can tell that you guys did a great job translating all that stuff. But, two things caught my attention and i think you guys might want to change them, or not.

    On Menu > Gear, you guys translated "Facegear" to "Para Rosto". Just "Rosto" will be enough, since it's under a gear tab people will understand clearly that, the said slot it's about things to equip on the character's face. It's odd to read "Para Rosto" when "Rosto" will do and give the menu a much more cleaner look.

    And on Menu > Skills you guys translated "Magic" as "Mágica". It isn't wrong but "Mágica" gives the impression that you are referring to Magic Tricks as Magicians do, and not Magic Powers as Mages casts. A better translation would be "Magia".

    I know i only pointed small things but, they make a huge difference, especially when portuguese is so different wherever it's spoken.

    Keep up the good job :)


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