Pre-Order Announcement and Q&A

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Teddy, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Yuudai

    Yuudai Green Slime

    This is going to be awesome!
    let me throw some money at you already!

    too bad there won't be any duo packs, would love to buy it in a pack for a friend and me!
  2. Wonne

    Wonne Green Slime

    if this is for real (april's fool 'n' so ...) i'll buy it at the first day it will be available :)

    RVGLGM Green Slime

    Yay, thanks. Bless you.
  4. Todoc

    Todoc Green Slime

    Please share all the tiers you nown allready. I cant wait to think about my choice what i want to pledge. :)
  5. Masni

    Masni Green Slime

    Finally cant wait :)
  6. azenmog

    azenmog Green Slime

    2 x rabby tier for me :) very impatient !
  7. shnoopx

    shnoopx Green Slime

    I hope it wasn't an april fool. ^^

    LG shnoopx
  8. MetalHealth

    MetalHealth Green Slime

    Take my money already!
  9. Jonomiko

    Jonomiko Green Slime

    At last.. ( i'm in a deep bliss )
  10. Matthew Nelson

    Matthew Nelson Green Slime

    You should plan to offer multi-pack purchases if Humble is willing! I myself have family friends that we'd purchase additional copies for. Very excited to get early access taste of the gameplay so far. Keep up the great work and keep us updated!


    Didn't see your latest post. Yeah Four Packs!
  11. Illanyss

    Illanyss Green Slime

    This is the kind of game I like the most: old style adventure game! :D
    Say, 5 hours, huh? I hope it grows tenfold, then (>.<)
    Well, yeah, I'm asking a lot but, hey, you're doing a good job and I believe you'll deliver a great finished game. One day...
  12. Venxus

    Venxus Green Slime

    Hi there!

    I am very interested by the pre-order offers. I wanted to know ; What will be the payment method?
    I am very impatient to try this game out! :D
  13. Hashishin

    Hashishin Green Slime

    Hey devs,

    could you please show the look of the pre-order-hat?
  14. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    You can pay with whatever Humble Bundle accepts, which is most things. Credit Card, Paypal, Amazon Payments or Google Checkout!

    Here's a gif of it in action:


    It's a Valkyrie type of deal!
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  15. Hobo

    Hobo Rabby

    Wow that's probably the best quality gif I have seen in years, definitely going to throw the extra few dollars in for the hat.
  16. Venxus

    Venxus Green Slime

    I'm going to pre-order the rabbi offer then. Thanks for your quick response and to have shown how the item looks like in-game! :)
  17. Hashishin

    Hashishin Green Slime

    Wow thank you for the quick response. I'm definitely going to buy the rabbit offer.
  18. Mario

    Mario Green Slime

    i ve been waiting for this game for a while now cant wait to play :)
  19. POtem

    POtem Green Slime

    I must add,this is the best Birthday gift ever. since its my natal day (7th of april) tho its a late gift,just can't wait X_X
  20. POtem

    POtem Green Slime

    I forgot to ask #Fred will there be a paypal method to pay? because where I'm from,its a bit dificult to pay on steam,but I can get the game on steam,if I can pay with paypal. pls let me know :D (so I know If I need to get other means to buy the game)

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