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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Teddy, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Epten

    Epten Green Slime

    Yes i was thinking of all the wipes they did. Was boring to get all the things again. And with a RPG game, loosing all the levels...
  2. Victor Ulhagen

    Victor Ulhagen Green Slime

    nm, just got a tip from a friend of this game, so waiting for the release whilst programming on my own game.
  3. Chris Soames

    Chris Soames Rabby

    One thing that might happen rather than wiping whole characters, is that once they've fully implemented all the skills and all their charges they might refund everyone's skill points mebbe? Or can you already do that in the game (I've only played the demo!)?
  4. Harmony

    Harmony Green Slime

    Oh yup. I was totally enjoying Starbound, (I actually still do) but then there were so many wipes in short succession that I actually lost interest. Now I'm waiting until it is fully released and give it another go.
    As for Grindea, I honestly dont mind a wipe there, if I think back how many times we've beaten stuff like Secret of Mana, all the time starting from zero and knowing it from the beginning to the end.

    For me, its alot alot easier to start an RPG from zero multiple times then games where you build up your stuff and explore lots of worlds. (like Starbound, Terraria and overall strategy games)
  5. Tactrix

    Tactrix Rabby

    I have actually not tried legend of mana, it does look fun though.
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  6. Varadim

    Varadim Green Slime

    Figured it would be better to hold off on Starbound until they get either a stable patch where you can enjoy some of their content and no wipes.
    Tactrix is probably right though, as well as the damage and items probably being tested already in the closed beta so a wipe wouldn't be necessary unless it was in a huge universe.
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  7. Harmony

    Harmony Green Slime

    Its about time! One of the most beautiful rpgs on Playstation One! (Including Legend of Dragoon and some others)
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  8. Varadim

    Varadim Green Slime

    What sort of game are you making, if you don't mind me asking?

    It's enjoyable, I just wish they had the different pixel system from the start. Having to grind for pixels and creating items 5 times over was annoying, I'm thankful that they are making a different system like farming, house creation and adventuring.

    I might be able to endure a wipe, but I consider my friends who probably level up like crazy and then have to start back down at level 1 again.

    I think I have played Terraria a lot of times by now. :)
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  9. Varadim

    Varadim Green Slime

    Sweet, someone else who also played Legend of Dragoon! High five!

    Please tell me you also tried Shadow hearts?

    If you ever get the chance to play it, I recommend it, but it's difficult to have to main characters if you are gonna play it with your friends, they have to settle with a companion type of character.
  10. Victor Ulhagen

    Victor Ulhagen Green Slime

    No problem. ( haven't gotten time to read the forum rules yet, so please excuse me if linking to other games is forbidden )
    Essentially its a city building / management game. akin to dwarf fortress, but will have a larger focus on expansion and defence.
  11. Hansbus

    Hansbus Green Slime

    Changing the topic back to Secret of Grindea i have a small question about the demo: No matter whether i play in fullscreen or window mode, after switching to another zone about 5-10seconds later the game becomes really slow and stays that way until i go to the next region. My computer normally can handle much more complex games, is this fixed in the full version or might i have some configuration error?
  12. CarrotGaz

    CarrotGaz Green Slime

    It could have something to do with compatibility, but I'm no expert. At least it's not a major problem though, just try not to switch from windowed to full screen?
  13. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    There is a /respec command in the beta right now that allows you to try out all the skills so that you don't have to make a new character every time to try them all out. Going from beta to full release will probably not be a big change in the skills so a skillpoint reset at the end of the beta seems pretty useless. :p
  14. Chris Soames

    Chris Soames Rabby

    Is your windows all up to date? All I can think of!

    Aha! I'll look out for that!
  15. Hansbus

    Hansbus Green Slime

    The problem is that the bug occurs no matter if i play in full screen or window mode, so your suggesiton unfortunately doesn't help.

    Edit: Yes i reinstalled my Windows 7 about 3 weeks ago and have every update(and as mentioned i have no problems in other games)
  16. Chris Soames

    Chris Soames Rabby

    Sorry I can't be more help! Try posting the problem in the bug reporting forums, I dunno if that makes it more likely to be seen by someone in the know faster?
  17. Harmony

    Harmony Green Slime

    *high fives*
    Tried? I love the series! >w<
    "Okay, look over here. smile and say cheese!"
    Even if it was a quote from the third game, Covenant(the second) is my favorite.
  18. goku09

    goku09 Green Slime

    I'm assuming your running it as an administrator ?
  19. Hansbus

    Hansbus Green Slime

    Okay i will do that, thank you!

    Another edit: Tried running as administrator, problem persists
  20. Illanyss

    Illanyss Green Slime

    Post it to the bug part of the forum. The Ferrets will certainly look into it.

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