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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by ark626, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    The new Pumpkinwoods quest adds sooo much atmosphere, it is awesome.
    Maybee there should be more quests that "slowing down" the main quest.
    I loved it because there was not only a reason to grind in a area it also stopped the rushing trough those woods.

    In my opinion that quest is a great addition and i think there should be more like that.

    Also i would propose that if you kill enough enemies of a type, an elite mob or microboss appears to take revenge :D
    Like in FF8 the Tomberry king appeared after killing 20 Tomberrys.

    Also maybee there should be some items for crafting which are only rare drops from elite mobs?

    And another nice idea would be a Enemy Museum where you can refight some bosses like the Phaseman etc?

    But sticking to the topic i really like the new quest and i think it increased the tension of the woods.
    altought i think more maps of the biomes would be nice because the woods are too small (just saying).
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  2. Fred

    Fred Developer Staff Member

    Cool to hear man!
    We'll definitely have this in mind when working on other areas to not make them be over in an instance. We do have some "intermissions" of the main quest planned already so players won't be rushing from temple to temple. Since we're spending a lot of time and energy on every single area, it feels smart to make them last as long as possible!

    We do have Microbosses planned for the game which you can read about here: http://www.secretsofgrindea.com/index.php/blog/2841
    They will be unlocked by various small "quests" and can then appear randomly in their areas. The revenge thing is not a bad idea though, maybe by killing elite mobs you increase the change of a Microboss spawning.

    As for Enemy Museum, we've had something like that planned for ages, it's just not implemented into the game just yet. You can read about it in an old devlog post here: http://www.secretsofgrindea.com/index.php/blog/2215

    We have some plans of extending the Pumpkin Woods with more maps in the future, but as of now we really want to make some progress on the storyline and not worry about polishing the old parts. At least for a while ;)
  3. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    XD ive already read the whole blogs ;) since i waited a long time for the beta :D but the monstermuseum blogentry i havent seen :D XD seems ive missed one

    I would love more of those micro bosses
  4. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    I really like the new quest since you get more interaction with the area. You grow more of a connection to the woods now because you spend time actually exploring it. :D I fully agree on having more of these type of quests in the game and not only because I think the game is pretty easy to rush through but also because it introduces you to enemies you will face in the arcade mode. Before the arcade mode felt like somthing completly different but now you can actually connect the dots between them. :)

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