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  1. Azura

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    Hello guys!

    Azura here, i'm 21-years old and from Brazil.

    I liked the SoG concept so much when i saw it last year that i never forgot about it and after wait almost a year i guess, i went to check again to see if any progress was made since the last time i saw it, SoG was just words written on a website. And what progress! I'm currently playing it with my brother and having so much fun.

    Hope i can help with any issues that might appear on the next patches and be part of this community.

  2. GoodStuff

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    Welcome! Recently the forum has been a little dead because there hasn't been any updates to the beta because the devs are working on the story but I know that there are a few semi-active people (like me) how check in every now and then to see what's happening. Feel free to ask me anything, I know quite a lot about this game. :D
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  3. Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions just message me. (I probably know the answer... although Good Stuff probably knows how to answer it better, be prepared though, it will probably be a link. :p)
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  4. Azura

    Azura Green Slime

    Thank you guys for the welcome :)

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