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    Some things are obvious, some things aren't, but how many did you spot? There's likely a few even I didn't get. I suspect Purple Ninja Chick from the Collector's Exam is from some fighting game, but I can't place it.


    Reference: Touhou (bullet hell game, which Flying Fortress is themed after) protagonist Marisa.


    Reference: Megaman. (Name)man are Megaman's enemies, Phaseman has a unique lifebar styled after those in Megaman. Shame it's not vertical at the side of the screen and doesn't gradually fill up, but this is a subtle visual reference. ;)


    Reference: Final Fantasy. Biggs and Wedge are recurring supporting characters, or enemies.


    Reference: Breaking Bad, a quote from the main character... who is a middle-aged meth lord man with cancer, not an adorable scientist girl. :p


    Reference: Resident Evil 4, the merchant who appears in extremely dangerous places without concern. Which explains why he's everywhere in Arcade Mode. I believe Red above him might be an RE reference too, but I'm not sure.


    Reference: Twilight, the Greatest Love Story Ever Told.


    Reference: Legend of Zelda fortuneteller.


    Reference: 1/2 of the original Yogscast, a group of massively incompetent Let's Players on Youtube.


    Reference: Mario's lesser known brother. Turned old. And Scottish.


    Reference: Pokemon, I believe. If not her name, then her color scheme, which matches 'Pidgy' well enough.

    (Apparently I'm limited to 10 images? As a moderator? Riotriotriot!)
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    Reference: Bikini Chainmail, a hilariously poor choice of armor for women in RPGs. Subtle, there.


    Reference: Confucious, a wise man who made many famous sayings. Perhaps didn't have quite as much forehead. ;) The guys outside the dojo are Japanese numbers.


    Reference: The most obvious of them all. He's even an archer. Robin Hood.


    Reference: A real life musician who is blind. A little tasteless, but hey - it's not like he's ever going to play the game. :p


    Reference: Second Life. I don't quite get the joke, though... *scratches head*


    Reference: Clint Eastwood, who played a lot of cowboy roles.


    Reference: Pokemon, blatantly Professor Oak. :) Professor Pine from the Flying Fortress may also be one, but I'm not sure.


    Reference: South Park, from a hilarious episode that takes Kanye West down a few pegs.


    Reference: Star Wars lightsaber. Weeeooo, weeeeooo~


    Reference: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time's resident pest, Navi. Hey, listen! HEY.
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    Reference: A ridiculously popular genre of anime in Japan.


    Reference: Self-referential. Oldman is the guardian of the Hall of Memories because he was originally the father character in the closed alpha/beta. Then some more anime-y looking dude with an arm cut off came in and banished him here. He now exists to take his revenge on players by subjecting them to ridiculous trials in Arcade Mode.


    Reference: Self-referential. The developers shamelessly making themselves the most powerful enemies in the game to stroke their own egos. <3 The game is developed by Pixel Ferrets, hence Black Ferrets.


    Reference: Likely reference to Secret of Mana. Many of the early enemies are the same enemies you encounter in SoM. Many others could just be coincidence. Though, you do go into the Haunted Woods at the very start of SoM, and Pumpkin Woods is the first place you go in SoG. ;)
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    One of Marisa's final spellcards in Imperishable and Missing Power is literally called Magicannon "Final Spark"


    A reference to the "Nice Boat" meme, a 4chan comment made on a boat in a peaceful replacement video that a particular Japanese television station played instead of the final episode of School Days, since the episode contained a scene that was ironically similar to a murder that had occurred the day prior.

    I'm still trying to put my finger on where I've heard the "some sort of badger" reference.


    I get the feeling someone in Anders's family a reference to someone in real life, but I can't find any evidence to support it.

    Silvia and Madeleine are royalty in Sweden, namely Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine, her youngest daughter.

    The Belmonts are a family line that are entrusted with slaying Count Dracula in most of the Castlevania games. I haven't played any of the games, so I don't know which one in particular Mr Belmont is a reference to.

    The previous claim seems to be further reinforced by the appearance of this character, sharing a name with Loretta Lecarde, another character in the series.
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    This may be coincidence, but I recently played Seiken Densetsu 3 (finally) and one area, Mana Holy Land particularly, has music that sounds much like Temple of Seasons.

    Here it's easier to hear it:

    Another one that is somewhat similar is Lampflower Forest, which sounds like Santa Fae. But it's very minor similarity and I couldn't find the song name.
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    Mumrik is an NPC with the appearance of Snusmumriken, a character from the Finnish children's book series Mumin.

    An additional point about Oak's Farm is it's where you leave your pets; Ash leaves his pokemon with Oak when he doesn't need them anymore.

    I'm also curious about the girl named Nysbruden, which my Swedish friend tells me translates to "The sneezing bride/babe/chick". What's that a reference to?
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    Im pretty sure its not a reference, just a random funny thing for Swedish people, I thought it was hilarious...
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    In Santa Fe, Naniva has a line "What's with the murderface, Tokido?" to another Fae named Tokido.

    It's a reference to a player in the Fighting Game Community, most commonly known for his Akuma in Street Fighter 4.

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    I noticed that in the graveyard, there's a grave marked: "Alfons wanted to play with ghosts. He did... and he still does.", a reference to a swedish show for children about a boy with an imaginary friend, who is also in the game in the form of Morgan, who doesn't talk.

    On an unrelated note, I really like the ost in this game.
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    An Easter Egg related to Silvia and Madeleine, maybe?
    If you talk to Silvia and Madeleine when using the Royal Crown (reward from scoring a S-rank on both challenges in the arena), their dialog will change.
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    It might not be related, but i think that guy called 'Red' on Evergrind might be a reference to red from Pokemon, don't?
  13. Kovaz

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    The announcer in the arena's last name is Plott, which is probably a reference to Sean "Day[9]" Plott and Nick "Tasteless" Plott, two brothers who are Starcraft 2 commentators.
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    I think his name is a reference to 'Plot'.

    Since when you originally entered Evergrind City, he came in to greet you and announce what you were going to be doing. He's the Plot man. :p
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    Very interesting I'll have to look out for these :D
  16. Teddy

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    Plott's name is actually a reference to Day9 and Tasteless, and it felt extra fitting because of what Own said :D

    Trivia: Mr. Plott announces himself as "James Plott", which is neither Nick nor Sean. If I remember things correctly, we were debating whether or not he should call himself Sean or Nick, or if that would be weird since it would be the full name of an actual person (unlike Simon, Madeleine, etc).

    In the end, we obviously decided against naming him Nick or Sean. For some reason that's entirely beyond me he ended up saying his name was "James Plott" for no reason, instead of just removing the first name completely to leave the reference up to interpretation.

    I died a little inside when Day[9] played the game and gasped at the possibility of Plott being a reference to him, only to read the "James" part and being let down. It was you, Sean. Or at least some blonde, bastard version of both you and Nick :'(
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    Hahaha nice, Now if only day9 would continue SoG...
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    This sounds like a tragic love story.
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    In case you missed it:


    The Triforce. I'm surprised at the restraint of not filling the cave full of epic videogame loot, haha.

    I wonder if all those treasure items will eventually be house items? They look preeetty swanky.
  20. I knew Robin Hood and Han Solo had something in common. Ancient techniques are no match for a good bow at your side, kid.


    I totally missed that one. Awesome!

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