References in Secrets of Grindea

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    Let's see.

    Buster Sword - Final Fantasy 7
    Pokeballs - Pokemon
    Triforce (second appearance?) - Zelda
    L Block - Tetris

    I assume the pink crystalline heart and the wand high above the Triforce are references to some other games, but I assume I haven't played them.

    It's always nice to see easter eggs hidden about. Back on the SNES, the only ones you could really spot - if you tired hard and were actively looking for them - were bizarre faces hidden in the middle of nowhere...

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    The balls could be a reference to dragon Ball, seeing that it are exactly 7
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    The first dungeon (the flying fortress) is a reference to secrets of mana and the mana fortress or something close (I can't remember) and the last two so far are a reference to Oracle of seasons and Oracle of ages in that order
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    SoG's music composer, otherwise known as @LuckyLionStudios


    Some anime guy from Gundam Wing.


    Self-referential. Like Oldman, Fharmamera used to be the name of Zhamla Meer in older versions.

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    Pardon the necro, but are we not including skills here? The magic skill in the air tree Cloud Strike is a reference to Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, and the magic talent Snap Cast might be a reference to the Magic: the Gathering card Snapcaster Mage.
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    The Vanjie! Vaaanjie! Quest in Port Monnaie (the quest to help retrieve a cat), is a reference to Miss Vanjie, a drag queen from Rupaul's Drag Race Season 10. She is known for repeatedly saying "Miss Vaaanjie"
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    Well, that explains why Vilya was repeatedly referencing Rupaul the other month. =P

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