Replacing the map in Arcade Mode: The four C's.

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    Replace the world map in Arcade Mode with a giant corkboard divided into four sections, each with their own completion %.

    Community: How many NPCs in total you have recruited into Arcadia, as well as how many quests you have done for them.

    Culture: The overall development of the town. Counts fish caught, unique pets tamed, building progress.

    Challenge: Counts how many S-ranks you have at the arena, how many shield trials you have passed. (Also potentially if you have reached at least floor # for each of Bishop's challenges / Muffin's Treats / Candy's curses, at some point in the future?)

    Champion: How many unique challenge rooms you have passed, how many Double S-Rank unlocks you have acquired, and the furthest floor you have reached.

    Can't hurt to let people see just how much progress they've made.
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