Request for creators


Green Slime
Dear creators. Can you give me 3 keys of this wonderful game, because we are not have 15$ for this game, but we want to make Let's Play of Secrets of Grindea. Please answer me.
Skype : bjy719
Steam: MrDivainer


Staff member
I'm really sorry, but you don't fulfill the criteria for being given free press copies. Unfortunately it's impossible for us to give keys to everyone, as we'd go out of business instantly - and then there would be no game at all. :(

For reference, here's a few quotes from the post in question:
Vilya's blog said:
2) People actually view your stuff
Let's face it - anyone can create a blog or YouTube account and refresh their videos a few times until it looks like they have 10 hardcore viewers who follow anything they post. While we totally appreciate how hard it can be to start out and build an audience, if we were to provide free keys to everyone with a YouTube account, we'd have to give 'em to everyone on the internet.

Vilya's blog said:
3) We can verify who you are
Please, please, please write your mail out in the description of your YouTube channel (they even have that cool "for business inquiries - view e-mail address" button nowadays), under some 'about' tab on your blog/website, or wherever. Even better if you, in your e-mail, point us towards the place where we can verify that this address belongs to who you say you are (of course, this doesn't apply to sites who use the mail belonging to their own domain).