Please change the Scarecrow AI...just slightly. At times they're a little fidgety because you turn around to face (and shield) them on one side, but they jump all the way past you and attack from the opposite side (you can imagine how this becomes more problematic in multiplayer as ping increases). For a host (and likely only the host), it might be possible to do some major eye work so that you can force them to jump the right distance before attacking. However, I haven't mastered this yet, and I feel like it's a bit much to expect the player to handle for early-game enemies.

I think a simple fix is to make them like jumpkins: Have them jump a large distance by default, but then jump only the distance necessary to close the gap between the enemy and the player when within range. That way no magic acts have to happen in multiplayer, and the few rare "jank" occurrences that result from the current AI don't happen. (Really it's a chain of uncommon events -- starting with this one -- that finally produces a "jank" event.)