Secrets of Grindea speedruns

Discussion in 'Streams and Let's Plays' started by Own, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Own

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    Normal Category

    By merit of being the only one submitting speedrunning, it seems James TK has the WR as of 610apple with a time of 50:01.

    Hard Category

    n/a (My Zuko was off stream and so doesn't really officially count)


    Skimming through that speedrun, it seems like he could have saved so much time by putting an early, if not the first, point into Piercing Dash. Much of Pillar Mountains, Pumpkin Woods and Evergrind involves a lot of walking around. Selling the Archers Apple for 750 gold is also a potential help. +5 crit vs an immediate 750 gold to buy rings, attack potions, a better shield or bandana with? Hrm.

    The Queen Bee fight took from 43:40-45:49, with a lightning cloud. Winter by contrast lasted from 40:00-41:13. Queen Bee confirmed one long fight, or he needs better blocking. :p
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  2. Own

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    So, out of interest, I decided to try a speedrun on normal.


    50:03. Which includes the time it took to hit ESC after the Black Ferret battle and select Save and Quit, whereas he clocks out right after them.

    I think this means James TK and I got the exact same time. o_O How bizarre.

    Things I did differently
    : Flamethrower, Frosty Friend, Piercing Dash at level 2, spammed it all over the place, got the Adventure Shirt and Witch Hat. Could afford 2 blue rings and 1 spectacles at the start by selling all the free weapons.

    Things I did wrong: When Marino was dashing out through the south of the city, I somehow overtook him by a split second. Meant I had to go BACK up into Evergrind from Marino's manor and chase him all over again. Ugh. Could have saved a minute there.

    Entered the menu a lot when I didn't have to.

    Returned to Evergrind for damage potions when I probably didn't need to.

    Put points into Frosty Friend when they probably weren't necessary.

    Started Fishing Contest first instead of looping around with Strength > Speed > Fishing.

    Forgot when to use teleportation in Flying Fortress / Pumpkin Woods to save time. Also didn't Save/Quit/Reload to get out of Season Temple immediately.

    I'd upload this, but my connection speed sucks and I can honestly do better. :p Another day, I'll record another one. Not bad for a first attempt, though. Certainly less frustrating and death-inducing than a Hard speedrun.
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  3. JamesKT

    JamesKT Boar

    Funny thing is that was my third attempt and I've only been at it for under a week. Sadly my controller died so I've decided to stop for now. I'll probably try again next year and attempt to improve on it. Also I've made an attempt with Shadowclone instead of Cloud and the results were not... ideal.
  4. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    Will there be 100% glitched and glitchless speedruns? And also it's probably a good idea if they're based around the version, seen as glitches and the value for 100% will change.

    If there is, I will quite happily rock in with my epic build :3
  5. Ariadna

    Ariadna Green Slime

    Are there even any glitches that can help speedrunning?
  6. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    You can ignite bees that are in the air with silver charge fireball - in my case, yes
  7. Ariadna

    Ariadna Green Slime

    Can't a cloud attack bees in air too?
  8. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    That's not a bug though. The cloud is such low damage it's fine really. The meteor hits the ground, and kills them much quicker
  9. JamesKT

    JamesKT Boar

    I dunno about all that now... I'm not one to really exploit glitches. I don't really find them... "fun". Thinking back at a Glitched run I recall seeing almost a year ago... Yeah. Mostly looks boring. :p I'm sure there's more glitches but I'm mostly not interested.

    As for 100%... Oh, boy. I don't want to farm for the Barrel Shield for 4+ hours like I did on my main save file. x.x
  10. Own

    Own Moderator

    That's actually a video made by a video editing friend of Teddy or Fred, I think. Not an actual speedrun or glitch exploitation, just fancy video editing. I vaguely remember being told that in chat, I think?
  11. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    I'm pretty sure that's not part of 100% as considered by the game :p
  12. JamesKT

    JamesKT Boar

    Just got a new PB after getting a new controller today. Not as many errors in the run other than dying to Hydra. It all worked out in the end though! :D Sub 48!
  13. Own

    Own Moderator

    1. Why are you not selling your Straw Boater and Wand to buy two Red Rings with? You don't really need an upgraded shield either for a while if you're careful, too.

    2. You should consider hosting your game as multiplayer with only you in it. That way when you're pausing to apply points before Phaseman, the door will open instead of being frozen from pausing. Not sure if it saves a lot of time, but it is there.

    3. There's something weird with your video in points where it will abruptly cut back to a few seconds before and replay the scene, then continue on.

    4. You could still grab the free armor behind the archer's house, if you think you would need it. But you got the Brawler Armor exactly when you needed it. o_O That's crazy.
  14. JamesKT

    JamesKT Boar

    I got Brawler Armor the last moment I could get it. I was a tad annoyed. Probably why I had a red split when I got it now that I think about it. Also the armor behind the Archer's House is only +4 Def. I personally don't find it tremendously beneficial. I don't really need the defense until Seasonne. If I don't get a Brawler's Armor, I buy the Chain Mail for +15 Armor. Compared to Brawler's Armor, I get +5 Def but I don't get the +7 ASPD. It's a Backup plan.
    EDIT: I found what I've said here a bit contradictory when I grab Sandals before Vilya. Then again, I make use of the barrels & crates in the room to get Carrots & potentially the Barrel Shield.

    Also I always seem to forget I get a Straw Boater after Giga Slime so... Yeah. :p Also I might start using the shield for the room before Enraged Toy Machine. I can soak up maybe 3-4 bomb clusters before it breaks. Would make me stop dying at the boss before attempting it. Could save time. That said... I might hold off on getting a new shield until after GUN-D4M.

    I tend to prep certain things in advance such as dashing into Winter and charging a Spirit Slash at one of the plants before Giga Slime. This could throw things off and end up wasting time. I might adjust things but for now I'll leave it as is.

    It could be a YouTube processing problem. I did a direct record with OBS while streaming the attempt. Double checked the entire video and there didn't seem to be anything off.
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  15. Own

    Own Moderator

    I do wonder what the biggest build-specific timesink is.

    For melee, you break barrels, get a few carrots, fight the Elder Rabby.

    For magic, I have to complete the Pumpkin Woods puzzle.
  16. JamesKT

    JamesKT Boar

    I think to avoid a red split like that again I'm going to have to play as if I got the Brawler Armor in the very first room meaning I'm skipping maybe 5-9(not accurate) Brawler Bots. I think that's the problem with that big 30 second red split.
  17. JamesKT

    JamesKT Boar

    It was more than 4...
  18. Own

    Own Moderator

    I've noticed JamesKT actually plays through the game once before speedrunning, to pre-load every area in the game and reduce loading games. Is there a way to just pre-load everything in the game quicker, I wonder...
  19. JamesKT

    JamesKT Boar

    Yep. If I could pre-load all the assets before playing the game, that would help lower load times tremendously. :) Optimal times and all that. :p It's not a huge concern though. I get to practice certain things whenever I play through the game again. Maybe make certain fights optimal. Queen Bee is still annoying.
  20. Own

    Own Moderator

    You can re-fight Queen Bee as much as you want if you just avoid picking up her quest drop, leave and re-enter. Same with the drops of the elite monsters in Pumpkin Woods. Same with saving and exiting the game after beating the black ferrets, before going up into Ivy's chamber, I think?

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