Skill Points for Equipment Effects.


So, I have all the talent points I really need and we're not even in the final dungeon. I also have all the skill points I need, which makes the swap-skillpoints-for-talentpoints function not really useful, unless we're going to get about 5-10 more talents per category before release.

Which made me think of what else could be done with skill points. We have a bunch of gear that has unique effects, but by the time you get to the next area that gear gets cast by the wayside.

Idea: Skill Point / Equipment Effect swap.

How it works:

You have The Stinger. The Stinger has the property of "Reduces Charge Time for Piercing Dash by 50%." There is no circumstance where you would ever use this weapon for this effect past Pumpkin Woods, or Flying Fortress at the latest.

You also have a couple of skill points laying around. Let's say that effect is worth 1-3 skillpoints.

You go to Smith in Evergrind, or the Pin Merchant. You show them The Stinger, they look at the effect and tell you how many skill points it's worth. If you fork over the necessary points, they convert them into a medal or pin that goes into your inventory and is considered Always On, meaning the effect is permanently active, as if you always had the item it was attached to equipped. The only way to disable it is to return to Smith / Pin Merchant and have them convert the medal / pin back into skill points.

Additionally, Medals / Pins (probably) shouldn't be able to double the effect if you both have the item equipped and the Medal / Pin in your inventory.

This would give some endgame stuff to do with your skill points after you have pretty much everything else you want. Or it would let you use the effect from that weak, outdated gear you've been missing.

How much could this really offer?

The Stinger - Reduces Charge Time for Piercing Dash by 50%
Pickaxe - Instantly break environment objects
Empty Rum Bottle - Increases potion recharge speed by 20%
Flower Whip - Extends plant lifetime by 25%
Recipe Book - 10% chance to drop Recipe Pages on hits with Basic Attacks (Probably not this one, but if you - really- want...)
Blade of Echoes - An invulnerable Echo slashes at you after dealing damage (Picking this one should probably -give- you skill points.)
Angel's Thirst - Gain 3 ATK per card collected (Likely the most skill point expensive effect.)
Cactus Club - Spawns 4 (8 with gold charge) thorns after a melee skill cast
Smashlight - Wand Projectiles burn enemies
Giant Icicle - +20% chance to chill enemies with a Basic Attack (Shouldn't this be updated to be 'Wand Projectiles have a chance to chill enemies', now that it's a magic/hybrid weapon? Making it match Smashlight?)
Staff of Slimes - Summon friendly slimes that attack enemies
Bug Net - Catch matriatch butterflies with basic attacks (If you -really- haven't gotten them all already, for whatever reason...)

Crystal Shield - Shield damage on Perfect Guard is reduced by an additional 80% (Another real expensive one, probably)
Energy Shield - Doubles the damage of reflected projectiles
Winter's Guard - Perfect Guards chills enemies
Mushroom Shield - Shields hits spawn shrooms (Another one to give you points?)
Camera Shield - Stun attacker when perfect guarding a melee attack
Solem Shield - On a Perfect Guard, shoot a damaging beam

Archer's Apple - Increases bow damage
Barrel Hat - Reduces Barrel Shield damage
Pan Hat - Refills potions more quickly
Gas Mask - Increases poison resistance
Haunted Blindfold - Drains HP for EP (Do you... take points for this? Give points for it? ... ???)

Boots of Bloodthirst - Attacking or casting spells causes you to bleed out (Uh, same?)
Frostling Shoes - Better grip on ice
Rollerblades - Increased charge and shielding movement speed
Crystal Pumps - Reduces charge movement speed (Gives skill points?)
Mushroom Slippers - Gain bonus EP regen while blind

Ice Crystal Pendant - Increases damage of ice spells by 10%
Magic Battery - Increases EPReg on crit
Lightning Glove - Zaps enemies on hit
Golden Earrings - Enemies drop 30% more gold (Expensive one?)
Camera Lens- Increases crit after Perfect Guard
Ancient Pendant - Increases charge speed
Lucky Number 7 - Every 7th strike is a crit
Restless Spirit - Moves your character when idle (When you want memes, but you don't want to sacrifice an equipment slot for memes)
Captain Bone's Head - Shoots fireballs (Well, this one would be hard to justify as a medal / pin, but... please? :naniva:)
Mysterious Cube - Randomly triggers effects on basic attacks (Super skill point expensive one?)
Kobe's Tag - Reduces summon spell EP cost