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    While reading some Grindea's negative reviews recently, besides milion reviews saying that game takes forever to be completed, there was one saying that there's a serious lack of story-related achievements and most of achievements are for arcade mode.

    So I thought it would be a good idea to open a topic about this. Particularly, many Steam games have some hidden achievements that are basically milestones related to story. They are unlocked automatically after some events and some of them are triggered by different story branches or some secrets.

    Grindea will obviously get more achievements in the future, but how about adding also some hidden achievements like I mentioned above? They could be awarded e.g. when entering a new temple, defeating some boss, clearing a dungeon, finding some big secret (though there aren't many right now. The phasing vanity item could count as one). Yeah, it might be pointless to add achievements that are awarded simply by playing game and mostly require no effort, but still, it might give a bit more incentive to complete the story and explore the world more thoroughly (both of which aren't actually obvious for all players).
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