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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by ark626, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    First impressions ingame

    At first i want to mention that i think the magical spells (especially the The Chain Lightning) are to weak.
    Even if i set my equipment totally to Magic Atk the Spell simply deals to less damage to use it.
    Only good for killing weak enemys if im to lazy to walk to them. Other skills like the fireball at least add a stat on the enemy like burning or frozen.
    But what you should have in mind is that my equip is totally based on Matk so i have to keep that i lose ATK and other bonuses to increase that stat.

    Also i think it uses too much EP (maybee there should be more items that increase the EP Reg for caster class liked chars.)

    Same goes to the flamethrower which is only usable if one of those things happen
    - Enemys have a knockback.
    - You are on silvercharge and so able to move.
    (Maybee on bronze charge you should be able to walk slowly?)

    Second i think that some cards (like the Boar or the Bee or the noral Bloomo) are too hard to get because those enemys are to rare or are to hard to find. (I played 10 Hours with my new char to complete all quests and get all items including the cards (without treasuremaps.) Fun fact i got level 23 from level 20 by only killing rabbits bees and boars)

    Also it would be nice if there were more area spells like in Magica where every element has a area attack.
    But ill add that below

    Could be nice to add

    Speaking about some ideas for skills.

    A teleport skill which moves like the Meteor and ports the player on a place in range (meaning it should only be availiabile if you could walk there)

    A area skill for the wind type. Meaning some whirlwind or a wall of thunder.

    Some kind of stunning skill which is able to stun one or more enemys (to seperate them or something, maybee a timestoping field or slowing field.)

    Speaking about some mini dungeons

    Like in the arcade mode but with your charakter and also randomly generated so you could obtain every stage a item or something. (with limited levels, so a Random Dungeon can be cleared more often but you dont get more special items.)

    some easteregg events like aliens steeling cows or doctor who's tardis disappearing (just for the fun :D)
    and one last thing.
    More micro bosses :D
    Hope this doesnt sound to rude these are just some ideas i wanted to throw into the discussion.
  2. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Hey! Thanks for the impressions!

    We're planning for a big balance discussion both among ourselves and with you guys, to try to get a decently balanced set of skills. It's a difficult task, since the power of spells often are made up from many different factors! The weakness of the chain lightning is something that does seem crystal clear, though. Almost everyone wants us to buff it :p

    About the lack of AoEs for all the elements, we've actually tried to avoid having very similar spells as much as possible. The reason for this is our flat skill tree - you can pick whatever skill you like whenever you like! In RPGs with real skill trees, it's important that every element have similar spells because you usually only go down one path.

    We're planning some kind of slowing field for a support spell, actually! We're going to rework the support tree a bit.

    Lastly, we have a lot of those things planned for the Arcade Mode! Our vision for it is to have a lot of weird, random and rare events that can happen :D
  3. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    Sounds cool
    I aggree that an AoE isnt needed for every element but actually there are only 2 (spiritslash and the icenova)
    At the end i just want to encourage to see the skills more as a thing which a player actually can mix without having second thoughts about oh thats a magic skill but im more a warrior type.
    Because at the moment it is a little like if you are a strong warrior the magic spells are less effective and also less used
    and otherwise.

    But as i said this are only my suggestions, maybee other players wont see it the same way :D
  4. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    I feel you on the magic damage of spells. I think is better to go increased energy so that you can shoot that one extra spell instead of doing 50 more dmg with your skills. My suggestion would be that you raise the magic attack stats on items so that you at least can out damage the 1handed skills, since you can continue doind decent damage with normal attacks.

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