[Suggestion]Carpenter quest

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Is it good enough to be real?

  1. Yes,of course!I also want this axe!

  2. No,dude.Its too stupid to be real >_<

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  1. When i just get in Temple of Seasons I was thinking:"YEAH!Finally top tier axe",but The Lumber Axe got removed from story mode :(.
    So here is idea:Carpenter have small trouble so he need hammer and some bolts,in quest you will need to buy bolts(maybe in smithy?) and hammer will be obtainable only after defeating Giga Slime again.You will make Slime hammer(Yey it will finally have use!(You can get smash light faster so i think slime hammer useless)),but carpenter need SIMPLE hammer,then you go to snow area and kill another Bossling and finally you can complete quest and get Lumber axe.
    This was my idea about Lumber Axe.
    I made this thread only because i want to get this thing ASAP, i miss it so much >_<!

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