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  1. I personally find the Titan's Throw (while very fun to play with), rather useless is terms of practicality. It does increased damage the farther away a target is, it requires a triple charge to be even the slightest bit useful (even then, any usage of it would be more beneficial if you just ran up to the enemy and bonked it on the head), and its very slow to aim. Even though you can move the aiming target while charging, I can only ever see this as a ranged attack for a 2-handed class when the enemy literally cannot be attacked close-range at that moment (i.e. when Winter is using his large amount of blizzards). So really this is my overall view.

    - Has Omnidirectional Aiming
    - Can reach its maximum range by the time it is triple charged
    - Does very high amounts of damage
    - Can be used against enemies you can't necessarily reach at that time (really only bosses)
    - Is pretty fun to use

    - Far too situational of a skill to even promote spending a single talent point on it
    - Too slow of a windup to be used effectively in combat
    - Renders the player immobile when charging the attack
    - Is usually fairly weak unless you are lucky enough to catch an enemy at their maximum range (being immobile with a constantly moving enemy makes it that much more difficult to hit the maximum range sweet spot, as well as having a slow-moving aiming reticle)
    - Takes an absurd amount of energy for its poor usage
    - Really more of a gimmick skill than anything else

    The only way I can possibly think of making it more viable is making it the first non-charge skill. It would work the same as any other skill but it would be "permanently in its final charge state" based on how much you have dumped skill points into it. So if you manage to get it to gold, it would automatically take up 55 energy, go the maximum range and fly back to you when you press the skill button again. But that still wouldn't necessarily fix the issue due to the slow process of aiming and rendering the player immobile. In this case, I would gladly sacrifice omnidirectional aiming for something more along the lines of 8 direction aiming (hold Up-Arrow to throw it "upwards", Left-Arrow to throw it left, Up-Arrow and Left-Arrow to throw it diagonally left, etc.) It makes aiming it a lot more difficult but much faster and more practically. It would make it more difficult to use in the specific boss situations referenced above, but in general it would make it a far more practical skill over-all.
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