[Suggestion]Upgraded BAUSES

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Will this idea prevent devs from seeing sun shine? :D

  1. I guess Fred will never see anything after all this work :\

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  2. I think recolored BAUSES is not a problem for devs

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  3. I just miss clicked >_<

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  4. How you could defeat Giga Slime?I died to him like over_9000 times!

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  1. I think it will be cool if we get upgraded bosses(even if they will be just recolored versions of olds),like Red Giga Slime?We will also get better equip like Red Slime Hammer and Red slime armor

    Phaseman 2.0:it will give us better boots and upgraded helm just better stats

    GUN-D4M 2.0:give us ingredients to make Sith Laser Sword(just more damage)

    All BAUSES will be buffed up to season temple level or higher(just in case of challenge).

    Please reply your ideas and suggestions about skills maybe we will help devs with some ideas :D

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