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    Obviously for something later down the game timeline. But I'm a long term thinking kind of guy and can't help it and seems like something fun to discuss. So let us jump into it.

    First, Weapon Variety since I feel I can't really talk about effects without giving some context.
    So I am talking about like....
    1. Two-Handed Weapons.

    2. One-Handed Weapons
    -Fist Weapons

    3. Ranged
    -Throwing Weapons

    Alright... So now effects.
    Two-Handed weapons are going to be slow...Obviously. But usually have more power behind them.
    Hammers Should have increased Knockback
    Axes Should cause a bleeding/DOT effect
    Swords would be the fastest of the Two-Handed weapons
    and Polearms have the longest melee reach, either a wide arc or a long jab.

    One-Handed Weapons- Fast and Agile...
    Swords - Deal the most overall damage
    Axes - Like with Two-Handed, deal a DOT effect.
    Daggers - Have the fastest atk speed.
    Fist Weapons- Lowest Damage, but have a short stun or knockback effect.

    Ranged- Distance and Fast...
    Bows- Not much change here.
    Crossbows- Most damage slowest ranged atk speed, Knockback
    Throwing- Least Damage, Fastest atk speed, DOT effect
    Traps- Different kinds. that can cause bleeding, snare, freeze, burn, etc...
  2. First of all, the game already has predetermined system that is unlikely to be changed.
    We have:
    2h and 1h. They have no abilities based on their look, in fact, they have abilities that Devs will choose. F.e. they can add spear that will have slightly longer arc, but it will be the only one in the game that has such addition.

    Second thing, the game only one ranged weapon - the Bow. It will also won't change, I'm 100% sure. But maybe we will get Bow abilities and talents once the game is finished. Who knows?

    And lastly, in regards to your last post about Dual Wielding fist weapons/daggers and Dark magic. They finished all spells and they won't get any additions. They will be rebalanced once support skills will be finished. And dual wield is unlikely to happen.

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