Suggestions for new skills based on the shield

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    Make a third type of melee skills , that type of skill will be "shield"
    No.1 skill : "focus shielding"
    This move will use your shield just a little bit longer than the perfect shield and of course if it block it will allway perfect shield but it will be easier
    No.2 skill: "shield dash"
    This move is a weaker version of pierking dash but you can perfect shield with it, that make the move more powerfull. However when you charge the move you can't perfect shield duh
    No.3 skill: "shield slam"
    When you use this move you slam you shield on the ground deal damage around you like ice nova but if you slam the shield right before an attack you will perfect shield and make the range of the "ground pound" bigger
    No.4 skill: "shield throw"
    This move when use will cost the user to thow their shield forward then it will bomerang back to the user,the damage of this move depend on the remain hp of the shield hp but low level move only take % hp of the shield , simply uncharge move will take 10 % of shield hp.

    That all what i can thing please add this in to the game

    Sorry to call "skill" as "move" , i play too much pokemon

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