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  1. Tora

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    Hi! I'm a new person here! My name is Tora and I want some friends to play with in the game cause I don't have friends IRL so yeah.. If you wanna play with me I'm currently level 20 cause I've grinded a lot and got to 13 before I entered the first dungeon then to 16 before going into the second temple. Yup I'm a grinder! (Bag said it's all for the loot so I did it for the loot haha!)
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  2. GoodStuff

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    Welcome fellow grinder. :)
  3. res7less

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    Good day to you, sir or madam!
  4. The G-Meister

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    Welcome to the forum! :D As I pointed out to another person today, there's a Steam Usernames thread in the link below where I'm sure a few of the more recent people might be up for a game. There's a few regulars around on the forum, and I'm willing to do pretty much anything SoG related with anyone if my internet holds up.

    Feel free to add your name to that list as well, I'm sure a few others will pick it up.
  5. Thalldor

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    Welcome to the forums!... even though we met already... I hope you enjoy your stay here, if you have any questions, want a person to play with or mindless conversation this is the place!

    I hope you stay with us on the forums!

    Green Slime

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