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    What's the issue there? You were given it by a dojo master, and it symbolizes you're a master of defense.
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    The repetition of word master just struck me. I'd replace one "master" with some synonym, so it would look better. But that's only my opinion.
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    Missing one dot in "Is this..?"

    ? should be after ".

    Rabby in 5th line should be red, to be consistent with repeat text.

    I think there should be full stop in line 5, instead of comma.
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    Last line seems to be unfinished. Is it intended?
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    I was playing through the game again after the last update and I spotted a spelling error from Santa on my way to Seasonne. Shouldn't he say "IF you" instead of "OF you"? Santa.jpg
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    Dee on Dragonbone Dunes -> It's "Of couse", which is the typo of "Of course".

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    Grindea Translation Suite , Category : NPCNames, LocalID : Anders - > Note : The display name of "Anita". It should be "Anders".

    Also Grindea Translation Suite, Category : NPCNames, LocalID : Grillix - > Note : the caveling 'raosting' a marshmallow in Mt Bloom. 'raosting' is a typo of 'roasting'.

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    In the text when speaking to Zhalma after the worm fight, the directions to his sister's house say "head west" but then later your Bag tells you to "head southwest" might be worth changing it to southwest for both instances.

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