The plan to redesign earlier areas: Starting house.

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    Vilya's newest blogpost mentions redesigning earlier areas to bring the artwork up to par. While you're doing that...


    This is our room. It doesn't really have any personality to it.

    My suggestions:

    - A portrait of Mom on the wall. Since our character is apparently supposed to care about her and she's nowhere to be seen.
    - A gift of some sort from Luke. Maybe an autographed Smashball Bat, from some Smashball team. To give any indication that the characters have any history together. That chessboard implies our character has friends with intellect to play with, and Luke says otherwise.


    Likewise, this is our house. This house was designed when our dad was some balding, middle-aged nobody. Our dad is a prestigous researcher at the Collectors HQ, our mom was a hero, we descend from a line of collectors. This is the sort of house you'd see belonging to the mom from Chrono Trigger.

    There should be some items of at least minor significance around. A mysterious fairy circle dream catcher, or some other gift created by the fae, hanging from the wall. The significance of which we won't understand until we reach Santa Fae. Maybe one of mom's bows above dad's bed. I dunno, something to give a sense of history.
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    I support this. Now, back to the animation cave for another couple of years!
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