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  1. Own

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    It doesn't seem as if it requires any actual skill on the player's part that way. You just pop the ability off and treat it like a +DEF skill, or a HP barrier, making it completely passive. Plus it only ever has relevance if you're taking damage and ideally you want ways to skillfully avoid taking damage outright, rather than diminishing incoming damage.

    If it has HP and is treat as a physical entity that either follows after the player or circles them, you have to take care to position it or keep an eye on it if you want to chain a perfect guard off of it, or desummon it if you want to avoid your actual shield breaking.

    Also people don't really seem to enjoy the completely passive skills like the existing two because they're unintesting, but I could be wrong on that.
  2. MrChocodemon

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    Hm, that's a good point.
    I'm a fan of passives and as far as i know there aren't really any.
  3. GoodStuff

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    If Shadow Clone, Cloud Strike, Frosty Friend and Berserker's Rage don't count as passives then maybe the Talents do?

    Having a shield floating around the player like one of the arrows for Wind Slash could be a potential shield spell but I don't think that the player should have the option to use his shield while it's active or if he uses it it would break the spell because having two shields would be super strong on melee characters IMO. Right now the shield blocks almost 180 (I think it's actually 155 but I'm not sure, I forgot what Fred told us and I don't feel like it's that big of a deal) degrees which is a half circle around the player and if you have another shield floating around with a speed of 360 degrees in 4 seconds then you would have 1 second where you'll be shielded 360 degrees (almost, I'm not doing actual math, I'm just pulling numbers out my ass that seem legit) if you have the normal shield out aswell. It would also mean that players can see when the shield is going to come up to their front and then they can go in and face tank for 1 second which is enough for most enemies to attack and then get stunned by your attacks so in theory you could never take damage.
  4. MrChocodemon

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    Cloud Strike and Frosty Friend are summons, but the other two are acceptable.
    [quote"GoodStuff"]Right now the shield blocks almost 180 (I think it's actually 155 but I'm not sure[/quote]
    The Barrel Shield has 250 HP which get the players defense, I don't know what my highest defense was (maybe around 50 or 60?)

    But i stay with my "magic shield" idea
    Have it consume 2 EP per second when active. If you run out of EP the shield deactivates and has to be activated again.

    I made a simple chart of how i imagine it working

    You can change the Raw DMG to play with it a little.

    The "Overshield" takes away the dmg from the player but also takes DMG itself and the dmg to the shield is bigger than the DMG which is not taken by the player.
    And if you want to make it really tactical you could, if the shield breaks, have a short stun to the player. Shield break stuff.
  5. KoBeWi

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    Breaking "magic shield" could reduce your EP to 0 and vice-versa - running out of EP could break your shield. Silver charge would get rid of the second penalty. For golden charge, it could reduce EP usage or the time shield is broken.
  6. Own

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    By 'passive' skills I meant things that don't really do anything but adjust stats while active. Shadowclone, Frosty and Cloud all react and move with the player.

    The two buff skills are just press-button-and-gain-stat-buff passive skills. Berserker at least changes gameplay while it's active - you take more damage, enemies take more damage and you want to constantly keep a hit combo up to get maximum benefit. That keeps it exciting.
  7. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    But there is a whole passives section that needs to be filled. :(
  8. Own

    Own Moderator

    Oh, right. I forgot about those. I thought that Talents had more or less covered every possible passive. Is there still going to be a Passives skill field when there's already Talents?
  9. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    I hope there will be 2 or 3 more but the general need for passive should be met.
    All in all there could be more though, more of everything. What about a third kind of weapon with again a different Skill set? Like a spear or so.
  10. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    Maybe the passive skills could boost the stats of specific skills? So every element could have a passive skill that boosts the damage for those spells specifically. Same thing could be done to support and melee skills. I don't know, most of the stuff can be coevered by talents IMO.
  11. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    I'd be ok with more talents. but the passives are still skills which can be toggled on and off. I think that is a major difference that should be considered.
    But i would be also ok if the skill passives would be converted to talent passives
  12. Own

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    Oh! Toggle-able passive skills? I hadn't thought of that. Hrm. So that would be something like...

    1-handed already has Shadowclone, 2-handed has Berserker, so magic users could probably use something like:

    Wither Body, Wizard Mind: Reduces MaxHP and ATK by % while active, but adds +# (or +%) to MaxEP and MAG. Finishing enemies with spells temporarily increases EP regen at higher rank?

  13. Buffalo Bell

    Buffalo Bell Rabby

    A cool type of toggleable passive for Magic users could be something like more AoE or multiple projectiles (in the case of things like Fireball and Ice Wave) but makes your spells cost more EP based on the EP they currently cost. You could also have a toggleable passive that increases EP regen at the cost of MATK, but make it so that you can't toggle it if you've cast a spell in the last five seconds or something (so someone can't just turn it on whenever they aren't casting). A passive that increases your ATK by a percentage of your MATK but reserves EP could be really cool.

    You could also have a fire passive that burns enemies near you for a small amount of damage, or a cold one that slows enemies around you, both of these would reserve EP.

    You could also have augment skills. Like a clone skill that you cast and then whatever spell you cast next will cost three times as much and instead made a clone of you that stands still and casts the spell three times. Or back to the multiple projectiles idea, that could just be an augment that you press each time you want to use it rather than something you toggle off and on.
  14. Own

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    Mimic Mirage: A support, attack, defensive, combo... I don't know, skill. Whatever you want to make of it?

    Upon activating this skill, the exact location of your character is recorded. For the next # seconds, every action, block, skill and spell you take is recorded. At the end of the timer, the spell activates and the actions taken are repeated exactly by a transparent mimic of your character.

    If you spend that time shielding and slowly walking backwards, the mimic will shield and walk backwards along the same path. If you cast two fireballs up and then whirlslash, the mimic will cast it's own pair of fireballs up at the same spot and whirlslash at the same spot. If you take a few swings at an enemy, get hit and knocked back, it will attack, stop and get knocked back as well. No skill or spell used takes MP from the actual character.

    The trick to an ability like this is knowing how to time it properly, there is no assurance that the enemy will be anywhere near where they were # seconds ago, resulting in the mimic potentially slashing or launching meteors at thin air.

    Ideal uses would be shielding for a while facing in one direction, then using that mirage as a blocker while you attack from behind it. Or using a skill such a Whirlslash over and over in a specific area, creating a temporary whirling death zone you can hide in and watch enemies take damage from if they approach. That's assuming any EP is left after charging up the Mimic Mirage, at least.

    Higher charge levels could increase the number of seconds the mimic records for before activating, or it could summon another mimic during / after the first mimic to repeat the actions once again, or it could cause a secondary mimic to appear after the first one vanishess and repeat the actions taken by the actual player while the first mimic was repeating.

    This seems like a ridiculous amount of fun, but perhaps too difficult to code in. :p
  15. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    That seems so weird to use. XD I guess this would take a few minutes to get used to but it sounds fun. It sounds really great against bosses like GUND4M who don't move at all. Using this in combination with arrow spamming could be a pretty strong combo. Having an extra clone that mimics and interacts with everything the same way your character does could be useful for both melee and ranged characters. Too bad it sounds waaay too complicated to implement. :/
  16. Own

    Own Moderator

    Haha, I hadn't even considered arrows.

    Maybe if this did become a skill, it would just result in the mimic imitating the bow firing animation but with nothing coming out of it to avoid that sort of exploitation. >_>

    I do know there are plenty of flash games and indie games that have movement-recording-and-replaying features, though.
  17. Own

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    Skill Change Request Piercing Dash - After seeing Marino's triple-dash, I got to thinking - why can't you time the piercing dash skill to make turns, for every rank of it you have charge? Tap Piercing Dash, dash forward. Charge it to first rank? Press any direction arrow at the apex of your first dash and continue the dash in that direction. Charge it to second rank? Press any direction arrow at the apex of the second dash to continue the dash in another direction.

    I've always loved skills that have some sort of bonus effect if you can time pressing a button at the right moment, ala Super Mario RPG. :)
  18. Own

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    Sprint - Support skill.

    Many people want an ability to run faster. The problem is they don't necessarily want to be 1-handed and use Piercing Dash. Why not just reuse the mechanic of Piercing Dash, but without the damage? Can't hurt.

    Simple cast: Immediately launch yourself in the direction (of 8 directions) you're moving a short distance.

    Basic cast: Launch yourself even further in the distance you're already moving, knocking enemies you come into contact with away.

    Silver charge: Sprint in the direction you're moving in nonstop, until you come in contact with an obstacle - like a boar. Enemies sprinted through are knocked back and briefly stunned. (Maybe shield cancellable mid-sprint?) Like Link to the Past's dash skill, essentially.
  19. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    Would it be no cost or cost around the same as Piercing Dash?
  20. Own

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    People want a healing skill.

    They really, really want a healing skill.

    I think, which Support skills are circled back around to, tricking people into thinking there is a healing skill might be a good thing just to point at when they ask. It's mostly just a round about way of reducing damage taken, tough.

    Regeneration - Support skill.

    When cast, a 'Regenerate' buff is applied for 10 seconds. The next source of damage you take is regenerated by 25% over the next 5 seconds and the buff is removed when you take the hit. (Ex: Take 100 damage with Regenerate applied, regenerate 5 HP per second for 5 seconds.) Good vs large sources of damage, terrible vs small.

    Bronze Charge: 35% of the hit taken is healed over 5 seconds.

    Silver Charge: The buff can now take three hits before activating the regeneration, healing 40% of the combined damage taken (30 + 40 + 30 = 100, regen 8 HP per second for 5 seconds).

    Gold Charge: You can regenerate 100% of the combined damage taken from the next 3 hits, at 10% per second. Taking damage while regenerating this HP immediately causesthe regeneration to cancel.

    ^ Something like that, I dunno. Different numbers, slightly different mechanics, but people can't complain about a lack of healing if there's a skill that looks like it heals. :p
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